Your Miss Tang is back

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“Hello everyone, I’m Tang Jiali.I’m at the airport now, ready to go back to work in the UK.Thanks to the trust of the coach, I can return to the national team again.No matter when, I believe we will win.Your Miss Tang is back!This is not the end, but a new beginning.The end of the Asian Cup mission of Tang Jiali, different from other teammates.She needed to return to England overnight to continue her overseas journey with her club, Tottenham Women’s football.There is no time to rest, there is not too much time to say goodbye to teammates, Tang Will be in a hurry to the airport, this is the true portrayal of Tang’s life in this year.But before that, Tang’s life was far less busy than it is now.At that time also played in the domestic women’s super League Tang, is in the league to destroy the city.It is also by virtue of the club’s excellent play, Tang Was selected to the Chinese women’s football team under the guidance of Jia Xiuquan.The Tokyo Olympic Games qualifier faced the formidable Australia, in the body and physical ability are slightly inferior to the opponent’s situation, Tang Jiaoli played a core role.The frontier of the penalty area, Bergkamp type turn to lead, so that the Australian women’s defence line frets.At the last moment, Tang with a stunningly long – range shot to break the Australian team door.After the goal, she lay on the ground for a long time without getting up.The teammates came together to lie down on the lawn, enjoy the joy of that.At that moment, lying on the ground of The Tang As if in the imagination of the Tokyo Olympic Games pomp, the ball value of gold.After getting up, Miss Tang was filled with joy on her face.Later, the Chinese women’s football team successfully got the ticket to the Tokyo Olympics.As everyone knows, the smiling Miss Tang did not wait for a ticket to Tokyo.Waiting for her, but coach Jia Xiuquan is a cold “don’t need a star”.Jia Xiuquan’s “star theory”, although not enough to erase the efforts of Tang Jiali, Wang Shuang and other players, but enough to cause criticism.Public opinion was in an uproar.The core players who made it to the Olympics didn’t even qualify.That period of time public opinion is in speculation, analysis, what happened between Tang Jiali and Jia Xiuquan.It was not until a conversation between Tang and Jia xiuquan on social media came to light that Jia was once again thrust into the spotlight.A great war is on the way, and the army is unstable.Drop the core and bring the nova.The Chinese women’s soccer team’s trip to the Tokyo Olympics could only end in a “fiasco”.Coach Jia Xiuquan said a silent farewell to his post as the Tokyo Olympic fiasco deepened.After several twists and turns, head coach Shui Qingxia official declared.Shui Qingxia took office after the first phase of the national team list, The name of Miss Tang in the column.At this time of Tang Jiaali, has been in the Chinese football Association overseas plan, the success of the Premier League spurs women’s football team.In the history of Chinese women’s football, she became the first national team to land in the Premier League.At this point, Tang Jiali’s football career opened a new chapter.Representing Tottenham women’s football team’s first official game, representing Tottenham women’s football team’s first assist, representing Tottenham women’s football team’s first goal, a series of records created by Tang Jiali one after another.Tang Jiali’s outstanding performance, but also people see in the eyes, in mind.Tang’s outstanding performance abroad deserves the call-up of the women’s national football team.After being selected, Tang immediately rushed to the national team and did not hesitate to participate in the Women’s Asian Cup.The first face of Chinese Taipei, although the journey brought fatigue, but director Shui Qingxia for The debut of The performance of Miss Tang gave full recognition.China’s women’s Football team won 5 victories in the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup.The group stage won easily, and the knockout stage reversed Vietnam, Japan and South Korea women’s football team.Tang And The Chinese women’s football team with a tenacious reversal, inspiring the Chinese football world.He and them with practical actions to explain “if the miracle has color, it must be Chinese red”.Chinese fans were at the airport to welcome Miss Tang when her flight back to Britain landed.Although after running about the journey tired, although Miss Tang face this situation also some unexpected and shy.But I believe she will remember these faces, I believe she will remember the spirit of sonorous roses, continue to bloom in the distant ocean on the other side of the magnificent “Chinese rose”.As she said: Your Miss Tang, come back!