New choice of Valuyou down liner: TAION, which cooperates with many brands, is as cost-effective as Uniqlo?

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This article is included in my street fashion column “Play special”, more street fashion consumption content please pay attention to this column.Once condemned as a fashion faux, down jackets have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many fashion bloggers choosing to wear them on the outside, to great effect.Besides Uniqlo and MUJI, what more fashionable choice could we have?Today we will bring you a new choice of down liner — from the Japanese brand TAION.1. Brand History Founded in Japan in 2016, as a brand focusing on inner down jacket, it has developed all the way up to now.TAION, whose name comes from “body temperature”, feels its own potential warmth and sets up a clear Brand image of Japan, has been committed to developing various series of high-performance inner down jackets.Most of TAION’s down products are up to 800FP down, which is lighter, can store more still air and has better insulation performance compared with ordinary down products.In addition, TAION also uses a special down line to minimize the control of drilling and running down.After each piece is filled with down, special sewing stitches are used to sew up the down around the front line of down jacket, which can firmly lock the down around the front line of down jacket. Its structure can prevent the outside air from entering, but also make it difficult for the warm air left in the down jacket to escape.2. The joint cooperation allows us to truly understand the brand of TAION. Just like many fashion brands launching cooperation with HELIOX, TAION’s joint cooperation has been continuous, which makes us begin to understand the charm of this brand to attract so many brands to cooperate with it.TAION X GRAMICCI TAION X White Mountaineering is a cooperation series created by TAION together with Yosuke Aizawa. The whole single product of this series is presented in black color to guide everyone’s attention to the product itself.TAION’s unique, light and high fluffy down products are matched with the cutting and pattern that are more in line with daily life and public aesthetics.TAION X DOETAION has also cooperated with Domestic fashion shop DOE.3 Different Product Lines TAION makes the product of inner down jacket very detailed and divides the product into many product lines according to different use scenarios. Let’s have a look at it next.Base line A product line that consists of a down jacket built into a base, featuring vests, jackets, hoodies, and other truly eye-opening designs.Sports classic line is characterized by its authentic sporty street style design, strong fabric and large plaid seams for comfortable wear.City line elegant classic diagonal design, with the shirt very light down.Down vests that go with coats are a must-have item that sells out every year.Each outdoor product line has its function specifications, especially down jacket and grab suede double-sided wear style, very well received.For the first time, the military uniform line adopts the loofah shaped derivatives, absorbing the ubiquitous military style of the new product line.Both sides of the hem with zipper, suitable for folding, a variety of wearing methods to enjoy them.At present, you can buy TAION products from the brand’s official website, and the products are very rich. If you are interested, you may wish to go to TAION. In fact, TAION has also opened a small program mall in China, and the price of products is about 200 or 300 yuan, most of which are less than 500 yuan.However, compared with the official website, the products are not so complete, but the shopping experience will be more convenient, you can go to see.That’s all for today. What do you think of TAION?Feel free to interact with us in the comments section ~ * Some of the pictures are from the Internet, such as delete