The Dongcheng District of Beijing has issued a series of cultural policies to speed up the “competition between the worship of literature”

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Workers daily reporter client Li-rong wu tiger at the start of the New Year, the Beijing dongcheng district for the first time the cultural construction, was held in Beijing dongcheng culture development institute promoting the construction of the national culture center in dongcheng district leadership team, reviewed the dongcheng district to further promote the development of the city of “drama” construction of the implementation opinions “and other four files.On the morning of February 10, Dongcheng District held a press conference to release a series of cultural policies.At present, under the overall strategic positioning of “four centers”, cultural construction is more important and more responsible in the high-quality development of the city.In September 2020, Dongcheng District issued the Implementation Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of “Cultural East City” (2020-2025) by Implementing the Concept of “Striving for Excellence in Cultural Worship”, clarifying the cultural pattern of “one axis, two districts, five belts and five cities”.”The city of books”, “the city of drama”, “the city of museums”, “the city of intangible cultural heritage” and “the city of Traditional Chinese medicine culture” have become the organic whole of dongcheng’s cultural construction.The latest policies, such as “Drama City”, “Guild Hall with drama”, “Home of literary and artistic workers” and high-quality development guidelines for cultural industrial parks, focus on the cultural advantages of dongcheng once again, build a solid foundation for the development of “Five cities”, and constantly build a “cultural landscape” for the construction of national cultural center.The release of the dongcheng district to further promote the development of the city of “drama” construction of the implementation opinions “, the first promotion system of “5 + 4 + 3”, surrounding the construction of Chinese drama innovation center, international exhibition center drama, multivariate theatre consumer center, Beijing flavour experience centre general objective, layout creation, performance, communication, display, consumption five big platform;The Implementation Plan of Dongcheng District to Promote the Construction of “Guild Hall Play” adheres to the working requirements of “one museum, one policy”, innovates the new mode of activating and utilizing the old site of guild hall under the jurisdiction, gives full play to the functions of regional connection, cultural connection and value link of the old site of Guild Hall, creates dongcheng District’s characteristic cultural brand, and forms an internationally renowned performing arts district.It proposes four visions: a place for displaying historical and cultural essence, a place for leading advanced cultural trends, a place for demonstrating creative and cultural industries, and a place for blending and co-existence of diverse cultures.The Implementation Plan of Dongcheng District to Further Promote the Construction of “Home of Literary and Art Workers” focuses on the “main tasks” such as talent cultivation, artistic creation, exchange and exhibition, weaving a dense “service network”, singing the “main melody”, and creating a good ecological environment for creating more “peak” works of Dongcheng literature and art.There are 42 cultural industry parks in the district, with a total area of more than 500,000 square meters and more than 1,500 enterprises.The first intangible Heritage Yong Park, big Mill Cultural and creative Park, new Longfu Cultural and creative Park, Nanyang Sharing International, urban space 1921 cultural industrial Park, Xuelian bright cultural and creative Park and a number of old factories to vacate space to transform the cultural industry park construction projects become cultural industry “100 gardens”.Article 46 of “Guidelines for High-quality Development of Dongcheng District Cultural Industry Parks” quantifies standards in 9 key areas of cultural industry park construction and development, including development planning, facility construction, intelligent facilities and talent service, and puts forward normative requirements such as conditions and responsibilities for high-quality development of parks.The development guidance of good hardware conditions, excellent management team, excellent service ability, high level of wisdom and strong innovation vitality is defined, which provides an effective path for the high-quality development of cultural industry parks.