Tongguan traffic Police: Political commissar you Xiaobing of the Public Security Bureau visits the policemen on duty during the Spring Festival with his team members

2022-07-22 0 By

In order to further cohesion of the police, inspire morale, inspire morale.On February 7, political Commissar you Xiaobing of The Public Security Bureau of Tongguan led the leading team of the traffic Police brigade to send New Year’s greetings to the police, and gave full affirmation to the epidemic prevention and control and quantity reduction work of tongguan Brigade in the past year.It is required to take good steps in the New Year, do a good job in accident prevention, “reduce the quantity and control the quantity”, at the same time, do a good job in spring training and police whistle activities, show the good image of Tongguan traffic police, and promote the annual work to achieve more achievements.Subsequently, the battalion leadership team members were entrusted by the commissar travel to each squadron to convey the spirit of the commissar’s speech instructions.As the New Year has begun, all personnel should quickly change from “Spring Festival state” to “combat state”, carry out spring training and “Whistle up” themed activities, strengthen road control and build a solid defense line for road traffic safety during the Spring Festival travel rush.Strict post-holiday work discipline, strict implementation of information reporting, on duty, internal affairs management and other rules and regulations, seriously thinking and planning work, to strive for this year the county public security traffic control work to present more bright spots, to achieve more real work results.