Spell back to War Comics 173: Fu Hei Hui wins, eku Care Tai single brush dead run

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Reggie originally just want to find a poke, and then deprived of his grades, good let oneself in 羂 game, survive safely, limei just give him to the fu black hui, after some combat, his mentality is burst directly, if not meet v black, with his wisdom, can in the ward, but wai also, as a representative of the intellectualSo the duel in the gym ended in A victory for Vohhei.Collusion?Reggie went down in, don’t forget to analyse just fighting, although oneself as an ancient spell, killed by any modern no face very much, but his expression, is obviously lose take orally, v black would also not polite, after he was destined to cool, immediately ordered the cockchafer transfers his grades all to themselves.Since E Reggie is dead anyway, he just scolds Vogh to save face, and later in the conversation, he makes it clear that he’s just a “witness” who doesn’t know his plans, but signed the contract because his intuition told him the future would be fun.Previously Reggie said the purpose of the e cable, is not to let the game go on, but will be in the boundary all appear the strongest, with the bomb bombing the entire boundary, although I do not know what the intention is to do so, but from the China talk, Reggie said, should be a lot of false.If reggie is telling the truth, tianyuan adults say, which is untrue, this side also explains one thing, tianyuan adults may be collusion with 羂 rope in secretly, as the almighty, he could not know what 羂 cable plan, so he chose to hide, nothing but is the result of the game, to his own advantage, estimated at the back of the plot,Lord Tianyuan’s position will also be reversed.V black wins, he wants to chase limei, driven, although in front of the battle, v black has saved her several times, but for this woman, he is really sick, after struck reggie, jade dog limei in the rush to escape, at the right time, however, his sister’s voice is let him “awake”.Beautiful beautiful this silly woman, therefore saved, and Fu Black hui in the fall, to qihua took the initiative to come to his side, although do not know her intention is what, but she does not seem to huihui under the killer.The battle of the first boundary between Sendai and Tokyo has been very fierce, and the spell masters of sendai have also appeared some relatively strong presence. This trumf is the second time that he has been affected by the Japanese war, and once he suppressed the islands by himself.With two independent gods, and using their tracks, to create their own realm.In addition to him, there is Tokyo’s first spell power output cannon, stone dragon flow, the current score is 71, probably also a hard man.Sendai boundary and control of the sky ability of the method, and even the special spell spirit are involved in them, originally they are four forces are not allied with each other, check each other’s state, but because b bone care too joined, resulting in a relatively stable situation collapsed.The top scorer, Trumf, has 91 points, and at the end of this speech, the senior Atsuko has taken his collection, and will obviously be the first in sendai.Are you looking forward to the follow-up?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments