Good Quality Shandong! Show the brand power of “Good quality Shandong” to the world

2022-07-24 0 By

Hospitable Shandong people, good products made in Shandong.In this Spring Festival, CCTV promoted the “Good Quality Shandong”, and “Good Quality Shandong” and “Tianregiment” appeared. There are not only shandong time-honored brands that represent excellent traditional culture, but also high-quality agricultural products that represent major agricultural provinces, as well as the leading high-end manufacturing equipment in China.Such as Yantai Apple, Zibo ceramics, E-Jiao, intelligent home appliances, industrial Internet platform, high-speed maglev transportation system, Marine equipment, Beijing Winter Olympics “rookie” intelligent snow wax car, etc., attracted the whole network screen, to show the world “good quality Shantong” brand power.Brand is an intangible asset.Brand not only represents consumer goods, but also the integration of economic value, social value and humanistic value.Strong brands are the best advertising, with which consumers automatically make a feeling and experience connection.Once a brand establishes an emotional link with consumers, it will be a long-term and stable binding.Brand economy, based on the new development stage, carries out the new development concept, integrates into the new development pattern, takes the brand as the core to integrate economic elements and drive economic development, has increasingly become a strong engine to drive economic development.”Good Quality Shandong” is a regional public brand created by the provincial Party Committee and provincial government, and a representative of the overall image of the brand of products, projects and services in our province.In order to make shandong’s good products and services further go global, and make consumers form a clearer and explicit brand recognition of Shandong’s good products, Shandong strengthens top-level design, and clearly proposes the key task of “jointly building and sharing ‘Good Shandong’ and forming ‘Hospitable Shandong’s good Shandong’ brand system” in 2020.In 2021 issued by the “about sharing” good taste “in shandong some measures to promote the development of high quality”, will be the scope of the shandong regional brand construction by a given industry, a field, extending to the agriculture, industry, service industry, construction and other fields, to build “good products in shandong province”, enterprise, industry, regional, geographical indication “4 + 1” brand system,The system has changed the traditional brand “scattered, disorderly, small” “fight alone” situation, is conducive to establish shandong independent brand image, enlarge the regional public brand effect, the quality advantage of our province into brand advantage, realize the high-end brand price increase, boost Shandong brand to the country, to the world.In the key period of accelerating the transformation of old and new driving forces and economic transformation and upgrading, it is timely to create and promote the regional brand of “Good Quality Shandong”, which is an important measure for Shandong to deeply implement the strategy of strong quality province and brand.We believe that with the continuous building of the regional brand of “Haopin Shandong”, “Haopin Shandong” will become the “pronoun” of quality, trust and influence. Shandong’s “golden signboard” will promote the “new engine” of high-quality development, and more people around the world will fall in love with “Made in Shandong”.