Guo Allen love exposure?Sanya vacation with the opposite sex without training, the former girlfriend appearance level high New Year was urged marriage

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Recently, the media posted a photo of Guo Allen sitting next to a woman while he was on vacation in Sanya, while Guo Was playing with his mobile phone, apparently close to the two.As early as February 8, Liaoning team has already started training, Yang Ming, Jiang Xingquan and most of the players are also back training, but as liaoning team’s home star is on holiday in Sanya, have to say that Guo Ailun in the team treatment is very good.All the time, Guo Allen’s relationship has been the attention of many fans, especially Zhang Zhenlin, Zhao Jiwei and other teammates have announced their relationship, official marriage, and as the absolute main force of the team has been kept single, which also makes fans many times “urging marriage” Guo Allen.However, this Guo Alun absent training and the opposite sex in Sanya vacation, DO not know whether will begin new amour.Guo is one of the most popular players in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), and can even be removed from the list. Last year, Guo was voted the most popular player in the CBA all-star starting lineup, while Zhao Rui finished second to Guo.But after the amour of guo Ailun of high popularity and Ma Yangyang ends up keeping single up to now however, because this also is asked affection problem for many times in public occasion.Recently, Diao Yuehan, the guide of the Chinese sports delegation to the Winter Olympics, has publicly called out Guo Ailun, and posted that “if the Summer Olympics will not be able to see Lun Ge”, it can be seen that Diao Yuehan is one of Guo Ailun’s fans.Winter Olympics guide from the Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing Dance Academy and other well-known colleges and universities selection, and the selection of rigid conditions will include the figure, height, 91 guide height are more than 1 m 70, and as the Chinese sports delegation guide must be more excellent.In addition, Guo Alun ever attended many variety programs, also knew many entertainment stars, but up to now Guo Alun also did not begin new amour.In 2017, guo and his ex-girlfriend Ma Yangyang were photographed vacationing on the beach. After that, the two publicly admitted that they went out for dinner several times, and Ma yangyang went to liaoning to watch the home game for the first time. Ma yangyang was there to witness liaoning’s first championship.Ma Yangyang is also a liaoning nationality, 1.77 meters tall, very slim and tall, and the appearance level is also very high, with their own advantages engaged in modeling related work, and gradually involved in other fields, ma Yangyang is also part-time jewelry design, experience in their own jewelry brand.Ma Yangyang’s family conditions are relatively superior, their own income is also very good, before the purchase of a luxury house in Shenyang, and moved in before last year’s birthday.On the eve of the Spring Festival, Ma Yangyang opened a live broadcast with fans in the car because he did not take the key to interact with them. During the period, the logo was inadvertently revealed. Ma Yangyang was driving a Bentley car, which must be worth a lot.Ma, who had lived in Shenzhen for a long time after their breakup, returned to Shenyang during the Spring Festival, the Year of the Tiger.As a 30-year-old leftover woman, it is inevitable to be urged to get married at family gatherings, but Ma said he would not choose a blind date, which would be a “disadvantage”.As a model, Ma is also a gym-goer. He also likes boxing and often posts photos of himself working out on social media. However, Ma’s figure is no longer “slim”, but “European-American” with a slender waist and hips.