Han Han version “gift of the Magi” : Liu Hao Ran, Liu Hao Cun’s “four seas” some shallow sadness

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Han han’s novels are special, and So are Han Han’s movies.Kind of wild, eclectic, very free, very different.The film The Four Seas, starring Liu Haoran and Liu Haocun, is a film with a unique style that can only be found in Han’s works.If the film is a width, the film gives a person the feeling is very wide, vast as the sea, casual strong.The universal, also has the meaning of wandering, but the hero’s story wandering at the same time reveals the indescribable firm things.To be sure, it’s not a bad movie.More than two hours of the story, casual Han Han small accident, real to let a person at a loss.No miracle, ordinary people, not out of the ordinary experience, ordinary but extraordinary feelings, very special.Lonely Yao, on a lonely island, and motorcycle company.Grandma could hardly remember anything, father didn’t mix well, father and son hadn’t seen each other for many years, and there was something wrong with the relationship after meeting.Unreliable father loves son, but son is indifferent.Yao’s motorcycle skills are very good, and even rely on relatively difficult movements to win some of the bounty.He loves comely attendant little younger sister eulogize, but hit the big uncle elder brother that met for the first time without knowing it.The story from the emergence of elder brother, there are subtle changes, also let Yao began an unprecedented universal struggle career.From big jiu elder brother of the car, people food addiction big big jiu elder brother also interacting with the motorcycle, but because of the skill not jing, and two rookie partner, always can’t stand in the motorcycle race.Yao was originally used as logistics income uncle brother has not opened the team name, however, Yao with strength to prove that he can directly when the driver.The results of a game is not perfect, but let uncle brother is very optimistic about yao, also very agree with the pure feelings between his sister and Yao.Originally, this relationship was very easy.Yao love praise, praise also clearly said that he fell into it, but yao guess not to let him confess the meaning of praise.Two people are in love, also did not say clearly also did not hold hands.Uncle brother in a drunken after a jump into the sea after swimming disappeared, debt collectors brought hundreds of thousands of debt to find.As the guarantor of his brother’s loan, he had to pay his brother’s debts.A girl, almost no ability for brother to bear hundreds of thousands of debt, at this time yao decided to silently sing the song to bear the debt.However, without more plans, Yao became the object of police arrest.The first vagrant life began.Together, they found Shutago, a friend whom their brother had introduced to them, but the motorcycle was towed away by the police without any help.Two people come to the big city from a lonely island for the first time. They open a room, but because they don’t know how to use the key card, they squatted in the door and slept long enough to check in.Two young people who depend on each other and treat each other honestly, though not explicitly, have a simple wish: to earn money to open a room that they can stay in until morning.A person is willing to rely on each other with a thin small body and do not know whether there is ability, but a person is not willing to become a burden on each other with strong self-esteem.A Yao accidentally ran into business almost facing the collapse of the motorcycle show team boss, praise but always can not find a job;So The song asked the two to meet again in a month.Eulogize is what meaning, is willing to follow him, yao is not clear.But he wanted to fight for it once.”The gift of the Magi” had appeared in the head of a bed, and a yao and praise of the story as the gift of the Magi, but the reality is not romantic, only a variety of possible.Two people in the distance agreed to meet before the time accidentally met, praise and became a waiter, yao is still a motorcycle driver.Two people in the dialogue, praise of duplicity, let yao heart bottomless.He invites Sing to watch his difficult stunt competition, but she refuses, saying she has an appointment.Agreed time, praise will finally be towed away the motorcycle yao, ready to ride a motorcycle to the place and yao agreed.And yao wanted to fly through the competition, win a large sum of money, for praise of the debt, to meet the desire of praise.It’s just, when he goes out on his motorcycle, takes off, almost makes it, the wind changes, there’s an accident…Yao finally had a dream, dream and sing together to catch crabs.An open ending can be anything.Shallow sad filled, warm love haunted, I do not know joy or sad.