Indonesia has officially entered the third wave of COVID-19 with nearly 30,000 new cases

2022-07-24 0 By

The Health Ministry in Indonesia says the country has begun a third wave of COVID-19.This situation is characterized by the beginning of an uptick in daily COVID-19 cases over the past week.On Thursday, 3 February 2022, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, Director of Direct Communicable Disease Prevention and Control at the Ministry of Health, noted that there is no denying that the surge in COVID-19 cases in Indonesia is caused by the transmissiblity of the variant Omicron.The surge in COVID-19 cases in the past week comes as the government has increased surveillance quotas such as testing and tracing at the local level.As of 4 February, the number of people being tested was 10 confirmed cases per 1,000 inhabitants per week.The number of tests in Indonesia is much higher than the world Health Organization recommends per 1,000 people per week.Nadia called the increase in testing and tracing quotas a form of early detection to prevent the spread and the emergence of new clusters.It’s also about catching the symptoms of COVID-19 that everyone is suffering earlier.In addition, Nadia called on businesses to lock down or close offices on a limited and temporary basis when new COVID-19 clusters are identified.Employees are expected to be self-limiting and mindful of social distancing when interacting with colleagues.Nadia stressed the hope that the population would be able to quickly receive two doses of the vaccine, as well as a booster, to provide additional protection against the threat of the omiclonon variant spreading.In daily life, please continue to wear masks, keep a distance, wash your hands frequently, avoid gathering, and reduce outdoor activities to better protect yourself.