Banan Red envelopes continue to be distributed!Find the right place, lead quickly

2022-07-25 0 By

From the night of the 10th to the day of the 11th, intermittent light rain turned overcast, the temperature was 7 ~ 10℃,Spring with this New Year during this Spring Festival carnival prize interactive network widely popular many people have received we send red envelopes didn’t draw the friend feel missed an easy to friends like wanting more good news coming ▼ ▼ ▼ to thank you for your support to let more friends drew into the New Year blessing this carnival activities will continue until February 15, don’t again this timeMissed yo also don’t know the friend activity rules attention ▼ ▼ ▼ this prize interactive activities organized by banan culture LvYouWei banan media center to undertake the activities set selection, puzzles, riddles three categories a total of 30 catch every interaction system will be randomly selected from the content repository three different checkpoints for customs clearance all pass to participate in the lucky draw minibus secretly tell you levels than Jane500 yuan gift bag, 88 yuan red envelope, 8.8 yuan red envelope in one minute…Random sample per person per day five interactive opportunity to you can also enter this text brigade, banan release, see banan WeChat public, click on the menu bar directly into the prize interactive system, or to restore keywords “carnival” into the system to participate in activities remember to fill in the correct mobile phone number when yo ~ system offering prizes by text message validation spell luck it’s time to quickly come to the event to win the prizeDisclaimer: Not marked with source: “Banan release original” or “Banan release” LOGO, watermark text, pictures, audio and video manuscripts are reproduced.If reprinting involves copyright and other issues, please contact Banan publishing, contact wechat: LY554693535