Exclusive collection of “The Rise of the Argentine Empire”, breaking into a world, cannon fodder eventually become the master

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A native of cordoba province, St. Herse Cohen left school at the age of sixteen.At the age of seventeen, he became a member of the City Guard of Cordoba. He was strong and healthy, and he was a higher educated person in the village, so he could mix in the city guard.In order to expand their influence, the City Guard extended the hands of the warriors to the Gauchos, whom they had previously despised.Being a soldier was not hard for St. Hesse, and it was more interesting than herding cows and riding horses. With the support of his fellow Gauchos, st. Hesse, at the age of eighteen, became a squad leader in the City Guard.When Jose woke up in this explosive body, he was in a blinding state for a few days, his head exploding, two worlds of memories mixing, churning, his brain like a paste.He had several nosebleeds that day, leading his man, Dilut Aragon, to think Jose had gone somewhere to repair his wounds.Aragorn comes from the same village and calls himself st. Herse’s boy. He has a big bald head and has been a fan of St. Herse since childhood.Even went to ask the army doctor, after all, a nosebleed seems to be a prelude to something, like the story in the newspaper.The doctor told him it was unlikely, considering he had just had a checkup a few months earlier, and jose almost beat him up when he told him.Jose was afraid he might have something wrong and went to the city hospital to have it checked out. There was nothing wrong, just inflammation.According to the previous life, it is commonly known as “heat”, which is caused by eating too much high-fat and high-protein food. Just take some anti-inflammatory drugs. He is in good physical condition, which made the sister of the nurse who examined him want to invite him to the hotel.There was a time when St. Herse regretted not going to the hotel to see the girl, after all, the nurse girl was really pretty, quite hot, and did not even ask her name, unfortunately.Thanks to his physical memory instinct, Jose quickly picked up the Spanish language, but the pure Iberian accent was a bit awkward for him.A few days later, Jose accepted the status with ease, since he was alone in his previous life anyway, and jose was St. Herse from now on.He was a cheerful and faithful young man, who was saluted and greeted when he walked along the road. Even though he had not finished high school, he was considered highly educated among the Gauchos, and most of the other strong men who had been arrested with him had graduated from primary school.The Gauchos are similar to the Argentinian nomads, who first met the age of the firearm and are now Argentina’s lowest class.It was something of a miracle that St. Herse’s background made him so powerful in the Guardsman, commanding a squad of fifty men and enjoying such prestige.St. Herse glanced in the mirror. He was a tall, rather handsome young man with thick black hair.The other squad leaders, though privately dismissive of Saint Herse’s origins, acknowledged his prowess.These days St. Herse according to the memory of the past, orderly drinking in the tavern, the city patrol, a little calm, let his aragorn go to the city to buy some newspapers.”Boss, you didn’t go to master Abel of the Clyns’ ball yesterday, and you haven’t been to Sinanda’s much lately. Are you feeling better?”Aragorn kept his mouth shut and felt a little sorry for himself. There must have been something good to eat at master Crane’s ball.”I’ve had a headache recently, and I’ve been drinking and eating too much. After you finish your patrol, go buy a few bottles of tequila and pay for it with the other side. I’ll get you the money later.”St. Herse touched Aragorn’s big bald head, and it felt good.St. Herse knew of sinanda’s, of course, and no wonder he was a little weak in his strong body.Argentina is rich in agricultural products, military pay and food is relatively acceptable, the City guard is only a third-rate army, but it is one of the major forces in the city of Cordoba.The Cline family, to which Abel belonged, was one of three families that ruled the city and province of Cordoba.As for St. Herse and Abel Crane, they were fair-weather friends; he was a side friend whom they had met a few months before, drinking at sinanda’s.Its predecessor was quite lacking in geographical knowledge and little knowledge of its surroundings. Cordoba is one of the largest cities in the country.The economy is relatively developed, with a population of more than 600,000, which st. Herse considers to be a small fourth-tier city at best.I picked up the Bible of Saint Martin and began to read it. I had read a little, but I could understand the Spanish. It was very interesting to read it line by line.”Long live the Argentine National Army for refusing to participate in the new World Cup in Brazil.”This is Argentina not going to play in the football World Cup.”In Buenos Aires, there was a smash and there were violent clashes as the First National Defence Force went to counter the rebellion. The rioters have all been arrested and are awaiting trial.”The IDF continues to exercise extra-military enforcement authority.”The second in command of the Argentine Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Juan Nicolas, has announced that he will take temporary control of the defense of the capital, which is once again being squeezed.””The first five plan has achieved new achievements. After Argentina’s national oil company and the railway company, BHN and DNAS have achieved remarkable results. The Peron government is seeking a second term.”Whitewash.—— “What a time of chaos.”With the next election due next year, St Herse has finally sorted out the timeline.The 1950s would be a chaotic start, and the decades to come would be Argentina’s darkest hour, with countless military presidents, military power in power, civilian repression, economic stagnation, and sometimes retrogression, the polar opposite of the south Korean junta.Although Saint Herse did not like South Koreans very much, he still admired South Korea for its independence from a poor and backward colony to become an emerging economy. At that time, the military government developed the economy and ruled at a level far beyond that of the South American country now.At that time, the world was just a few years after the war, and its economy was on the verge of recovery and rapid development.He earned 20,000 pesos a month as a soldier captain in the City Guard, which is about $400 in today’s money. In the 1950s, the average American’s monthly income was estimated to be less than $200 a month.He even had a stash of more than two hundred thousand pesos, a former money manager, and some extra income. The average soldier was doing well on $100 a month. Other squadron leaders had to earn more than 7,500 pesos a month on the side, and the basic salary of the squadron leader was 5,000 pesos.At Cordoba City Commercial Bank, which Abel helped open, a financial firm controlled by the Crane family that made St. Herse a minor local millionaire.The peso is worth a lot more now than it was a few years later, and higher-paid argentines can live pretty well on 5,000 pesos a month.Rent a two-bedroom apartment, feed 3-4 kids, maybe get a pet, hire a part-time cleaner, and have some extra money left at the end of the month.Inflation currency devaluation, lower wages for years to come, the country is expected to be in chaos in recent months.SAN Jose is now part of the military junta, but he does have a slight contempt for Argentina’s junta, which in previous years was a poor scraping party, corrupt and incompetent.Want to work hard, drop out of school is only two years, can become a captain, is very good, and even the next few decades of pay will be good.However, if you want to say that everyone has a little ambition, Argentina is really a heaven sent fertile land, not to develop a little pity, it is better to become a big chaebol, like Samsung in South Korea, SAN Herse also has ambition, if you want to do the Samsung empire in Argentina.South Korea is still a weak chicken, but in the next few decades it will develop into a major emerging economy in the world. Argentina has a lot of land and resources, but with a smaller population, it will be no worse than that.Even now Argentina is one of South America’s two smaller giants, competing with Brazil.Unfortunately, the Argentine eagle seems to be ready to fall.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!