“Bullet Time”, “Zero Gravity mode”, “Robot bartender”…Hey!Don’t forget the game!

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0.016 seconds!This was the time when The Chinese team overtook the Italian team in the mixed team 2000 meter relay final!What makes you wonder is, how exactly does this work out?At the “faster” Beijing Winter Olympics, the world was amazed by not only the athletes who dared to surpass themselves, but also the “black technology” never seen before!Accurately recorded “bullet time”, “zero gravity mode” in the bedroom, “falling from the sky” rich dishes, robot bartenders stir and shake delicious drinks in 90 seconds…Foreign journalists and athletes have been dazzled and eye-opening in and out of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Watching the people in the “bubble” constantly share all kinds of new things, one netizen could not help but remind them: After having fun, don’t forget the competition!Chief producer | Qian Wei, Wang Shanshan, Producer | Geng Zhimin, producer | Han Renwei, editor | Peng Yuqi, director | Wang Shuai, editor | Jin Zhao, visual | Huang Zijun, CAI Chengxue, Gao Lingxiao, material support | Yi Shengnan, Wang Yinuo, Yao Yiting, Wang Sisi, coordinator | Yang Bo, Liu Xiao scan the following qr code to download the CCTV news client for more news