Changsha housing provident Fund in 2021 to deposit 31.589 billion yuan of loans gradually tilt to young people and low-income groups

2022-07-26 0 By

Hunan Daily April 6 – (all media reporter Wang Wen correspondent Yang Ting) Changsha Housing provident Fund management center recently released a report showing that 2021 the city’s housing provident fund deposit amount of 31.589 billion yuan, more “outside the system” workers can enjoy housing provident fund loan benefits.According to the report, changsha’s housing provident fund achieved “double growth” in 2021 in both the number and amount of housing provident fund, with 7,159 newly opened accounts and 5,302 net increased units.There were 410,800 newly opened accounts, a net increase of 332,300 workers, and 31,664 units with 2,106,600 workers deposited.The contribution structure of the housing provident fund has been improved, with 71.85% of newly opened accounts belonging to non-public enterprises. The housing provident fund system has been extended to more people, and more people outside the system have been helped to realize their dream of settling down with low-interest loans from the housing provident fund.Use, provident fund loan business gradually to young people and low – income groups tilt.According to the report, in 2021, Changsha issued 33,000 personal housing loans worth 16.145billion yuan, up 20.44% and 26.50% respectively year-on-year, supporting employees to buy and build 3.7828m square meters of housing.Among the loan workers, 46.59% are under 30 years old and 42.43% are between 30 and 40 years old;89.37% of them applied for loans for the first time, 88.57% of them purchased commercial houses of less than 144 square meters, and 98.78% of them were from middle – and low-income groups.