Wuhan team statement string sound interpretation: youth team playing league or a tragedy to avoid shame so renamed

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Wuhan Football Team released the “Instructions and statement on the adjustment of football investment” on the evening of February 16.As the team with the team before the reporter, now between the lines between the refraction of the connotation of the key, and chewing slowly to understand the strings.The statement is as follows: In November 2011, zhuoer Holding Co., Ltd. took over and established Wuhan Zhuoer Professional Football Club (renamed Wuhan Football Club in 2021) after no one took over the only professional football team in Hubei at that time and faced the situation of resale or dissolution.After ten years of ups and downs, with the support and care of all sectors of society and the vast number of fans, the club has adhered to the standard operation, and Zhuoer Holding has made certain achievements with continuous investment.The new club training base built in accordance with the international standards was put into use as scheduled. At the same time, with the support of provincial and municipal sports departments, we built a 7-level youth training echelon, jointly built 7 youth training bases in the province, and supported the host of national and provincial student football leagues.(Note: Wuhan zhuoer in Hubei football is meritorious, merits can not be obliterated.)Wuhan is a heroic city and a city with a fine football tradition.To our delight, on the road of football, wuhan has ushered in a new situation of “one city, three superteams”. Wuhan has made remarkable achievements in football, and our support for the development of football has also ushered in a new starting point.(chord outside sound: is the so-called “thing flick clothes go, deep work and name.”A “new start” is a hidden foreshadowing of a departure from the established plans of the past.)Based on the current situation of Men’s professional football in China and the actual operation of clubs, we will adjust the direction of key support to football, increase the input to youth training, football education and grassroots football, and reduce the input to club professional league.1. We encourage players to take the initiative to lower their salary standards.After the players return to China, we will honour last season’s salary and communicate with the players in good faith to discuss a new salary plan.Ask the players to take the initiative to take a pay cut, and discuss a contract solution after the players return to the team.Previously generated contract arrears recognized by the club.But unfulfilled contracts can only be negotiated if players agree to a reduced salary range;And to achieve the psychological expectations of the club, just pay.Note the words “communicate in good faith”, which means negotiating with each player in turn in an attempt to break up the group.)2. We advocate a positive, healthy and progressive view of football and career, and will vigorously cultivate and use the new generation of like-minded players.(Extra notes: The new season will be dominated by the all-Chinese youth team, and “Like-minded” indicates that it will be difficult for players to survive in this team.)Third, the development of Chinese football cannot be achieved without a future-oriented scientific youth training system. We will vigorously support the development of youth football and build youth training echelons.(Note: Adult professional investment scale will shrink sharply.)Iv. We will continue to support the cause of football in Wuhan, Hubei province, actively support the development of women’s football, promote grassroots football, hold student leagues and city leagues, and help create a good atmosphere for the development of football.(Note: Adult professional investment scale will shrink dramatically +1.)5. In order to ensure that the team’s performance will not affect the reputation of the city, and make the teams in the city feel more fair and reasonable, we apply to change the name of wuhan Football Club Co., LTD to Wuhan Changjiang Football Club Co., LTD, and wuhan Football Team to Wuhan Changjiang Football Team.In order not to shame the name of “Wuhan”, the name is hereby changed.But the question is, who does wuhan Yangtze provoke?)We encourage players to strengthen their sportsmanship, strive for excellence, strive to improve their athletic skills, and integrate their personal development and future into the long-term development of Chinese football and their teams.(External voice: not good at football and have the face to talk about money?When you improve the level of Chinese football, you can talk to me about money!We have always been deeply grateful to the city, never give up the dream and passion for football, we will continue to invest, strive to contribute to the cause of Hubei Wuhan football and China’s football reform and development!My club is full of gratitude, but what about some of you?In addition, “continuous investment” is ok, but “investment intensity” is decided by our group.)We wish hubei Wuhan football career better and better!Wish Chinese football a bright future!(Overtones: “Blessing” is usually used when a couple is breaking up.)Zhuoer Holding Co., LTD. (Xianwaiyin: the parent company of the group endorses this statement) Wuhan Football Club Co., LTD. (Xianwaiyin: the club will operate and implement this statement) February 16, 2022