Zhang Xinyu is beautiful and cool!Black knit unlined upper garment matchs short skirt, sightly and agile nifty and lovely

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Zhang xinyu is one of the few female stars who can pull off long and short hair at the same time, and even fewer who can interpret their own style with each hairstyle.Of long hair she is gentle and sexy, wild eyebrow adds double eyelid peach blossom eye, the United States takes one’s breath away, of bingle she is handsome yinglang, quite have hua Mulan momentum.Here, let’s take a look at some of her different styles.Embroidered sweater skirt handsome very Zhang Xinyu New Year for us to show a very bright outfit.Top choice of black embroidery sweater, full personality.Sweater is decorated with classic decorative pattern design among, pattern regular symmetry, there is a kind of “palace wind” feeling.In addition, her two sleeves are also this kind of design, a circle of decorative pattern is used after the cuff is folded, golden embroidery adds black sweater, very simple sense, let a person have a noble and dignified sense at first glance.Sweater neckline tightens, and uses wool edge design, appears the neck is more slender, and the wool edge of the cuff echoes, fashion and trend.Exaggerated metal chain matches ancient ways and fashion.The sweater has been designed to close the waist, showing the waist line more.So, Zhang Xinyu lower half body uses A word skirt to match, natural cultivate one’s self draws the outline of fine and small fleshiness shape, can magnify the advantage of figure.Ladies and gentlemen, you can try to wear this sweater and skirt with thick on top and thin on bottom, outline the waist line, highlight the long legs, weaken the bloated feeling of winter clothing, show thin and comfortable.Zhang Xinyu’s short skirt chose the same classical palace wind as sweater, irregular design decoration skirt but not show chaos, but there is a sense of coordination on the vision.Light coffee skirt and black sweater form a sense of color layering, white, high matching.The collocation of shoes, showed zhang Xinyu’s powerful aura.Coffee color boots, suede material is simple simply also not short of downy.Did not choose to often match black but coffee color, can be better integrated with the dress to wear together, coupled with the V word unique design, Zhang Xinyu momentum fully open, goddess fan fully show.The zhang Xinyu of bingle wears the collision that build with this classical wind, able and handsome.The cropped ears add refinement to the face, with elongated eyebrows, exaggerated flying eyeliner and light orange eye makeup.The makeup that whole sees Zhang Xinyu is made, simple and capable, decorated on a few details promoted integral temperament, handsome and very.Zhang Xinyu wore a turquoise velvet gown with a deep v-neck that showed off her collarbone and pale skin.The proportion of the rotator cuff shows zhang xinyu’s right shoulder.Sisters can try more of this modified rotator cuff ratio of clothing, it can appear more straight shoulders and back, promote the whole person confident temperament.The waist-in maxi dress has a slim figure and a pleated design with a long velvet belt for a more three-dimensional and mature look.The full skirt fell to the floor, and the bottom of the skirt was soft and narrow, showing an attractive curve.The slit design can show zhang Xinyu’s long legs, elegant and gentle.The gem green color of velvet long skirt is relaxed, and the design of this series showed zhang Xinyu’s mature charm however.This skirt does not have the collocation of necklace, earring, the choice of silky long hair and watch showed a kind of sedate feeling, the atmosphere is gentle.Pink case installs intellectual beauty Zhang Xinyu this pink suit wore a full advanced feeling.First of all, Zhang Xinyu wore a light pink stand-up collar shirt with a transition between color and coat color, which had a strong color impact.The button is small and transparent button, so will not rob the overall sense of the coat suit and the line of sight.The coat and trousers were a dark pink plaid suit.This pink has a mature and intellectual beauty.The lapel suit jacket design is more refined and personalized.The suit added shoulder pads, confident and charming.The position of the pocket design is just right, and the pocket insertion is casual and natural.Button is bigger than inner lining button, have contrast administrative levels feeling between with inner lining.The belt of the same color is used to connect the jacket and plaid pants. The pants are designed as loose straight pants, which make the legs straighter.Plus white canvas shoe, integral collocation suits formal occasion, deserve to go up zhang Xinyu’s neat ear small bingle, clean and agile, temperament is intellectual.Today, we have enjoyed the dressing skills of Zhang Xinyu.While learning, we should also dare to change like Zhang Xinyu and try different styles of dress.Little sister in front of the screen, try it with confidence.