These 6 diseases are “out of breath”, but you do not know!Tell people around you, no one to replace the disease

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As the saying goes: mo angry, gas disease to no one for.Lao Zhang often said the same thing, but when he saw his dishonorable son, he could not control his temper.Lao Zhang’s son has been out of work since he graduated last year. He just stays at home and cheats on his old age. Usually he is ignorant, addicted to playing games and hanging out with some riff-raff people.Last month, Lao Zhang’s son got another girl pregnant without being responsible.Later, he was so angry that he had a headache, dyspnea and slurred speech. He suddenly fainted and was rushed to the hospital.After examination diagnosis, Lao Zhang is too angry to cause cerebral infarction.Fortunately, the rescue was timely and Lao Zhang was out of danger.The doctor explained that a bad mood makes the heart beat faster.When the elderly are traumatized, emotional fluctuations are too large, it is likely to induce a sudden increase in blood pressure, serious may cause cerebral apoplexy, heart failure, sudden death and so on.Wake up after The old Zhang also can’t help thinking, why oneself always easy to get angry?Why do you get angry easily?The medical term for anger is “mood swings.”Anger, a form of emotion, is a product of human evolution.Humans have evolved a flight or fight response, known as the sympathetic nervous system, to cope with harsh, inhospitable environments.When primitive humans encounter danger, the sympathetic nervous system will start, angry mood can let the body can secrete hormones rapidly in a short time, heart rate and breathing will accelerate, digestive system slows down to store energy, blood vessels will be expansion at the same time, the blood to the limbs, lets the human have more strength to cope with danger.So humans have evolved to preserve anger as a useful emotional expression.It can be said that anger is an instinctive reaction.Two, why angry when chest frowsty, dyspnea?An uncomfortable feeling of chest tightness when angry may be due to transient myocardial ischemia.When angry, the sympathetic nerves become overexcited and secrete large amounts of catecholamines.Catecholamine is a general term for amine compounds containing catechol nuclei, including adrenaline, dopamine and other hormones and neurotransmitters.Catecholamine secretion, will make the heart rate accelerated, blood pressure, myocardial oxygen consumption will also increase, coronary artery microvascular circulation obstacles, and then cause transient myocardial ischemia, that is, transient myocardial ischemia.Expression is bosom frowsty, chest is painful, after transient uncomfortable feeling passes, heart function can quickly restore normal.Breathing is difficult and out of breath when angry, possibly because of hyperventilation syndrome.When the mood is relatively calm, a person’s breathing rate is about 15 breaths per minute.When angry, excited sympathetic nerves will make breathing rate up to 30 times a minute, twice as fast.Too fast and too deep breathing, can make the body exhaled carbon dioxide is greater than the suction volume, lower the nitrogen dioxide concentration in the body quickly, because of low carbon dioxide concentration in the body can reduce cerebral blood supply, this kind of situation is called excessive hypoventilation syndrome, common symptoms include difficulty breathing, dizziness, hand, foot and mouth numb or trembling chest, heart palpitations and so on.Three, the six diseases or “gas out”, see less angry, please occasionally angry once or twice, can help us express emotions.But if you get angry too often, you may have many effects on your body, even diseases.Let’s take you to understand how much anger on the body!Mammary gland hyperplasia: the study found that girls love angry easily complicated with abnormal mammary gland hyperplasia, but also affect chest development.From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the breast has the liver, the liver is affected by the greater, and the liver, angry will make the liver is blocked, so it is easy to induce breast hyperplasia, nodules or breast cancer and other breast diseases.Thyroid nodule: When angry, the secretion of hormones in the body will increase rapidly, resulting in the abnormal secretion of a large amount of thyroid hormone. If often angry, thyroid hormone has been at a high level, it may cause thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodule and thyroid tumor.Stomach ulcer: as the saying goes “full of gas”, it reflects that anger will affect the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract.Because in when angry, the body’s blood flow to the face and brain, causing gastrointestinal blood flow is insufficient, gastrointestinal peristalsis speed will slow down, the secretion of gastric acid increased, there will be no appetite, abdominal pain, the symptom such as indigestion, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, serious when can cause more severe gastrointestinal diseases can cause stomach bleeding.Mental depression: often angry, easily angry, long-term mental stimulation and pressure, easy to cause mental and psychological diseases, so that people become depressed, anxiety, anxiety, can not lift, and even serious depression.Stroke cerebral infarction: angry, the heartbeat will speed up, blood pressure will increase, a large amount of blood will surge to the brain, increase the pressure of cerebrovascular, and then induce cerebral stroke cerebral infarction.Heart disease: get angry can cause sympathetic nerve excitement, cause systole of heartbeat acceleration, blood vessel, can increase the burden of the heart, bring about heart rate to be too fast even arrhythmia.It can damage heart health over the long term, increasing the risk of heart disease and death from heart disease.Four, three ways to regulate emotions, I wish you smile every day people can not be completely angry, but if angry without the correct regulation of emotions, the anger stuffy in the heart, it is easy to get sick.The next time you’re angry, try these three strategies for managing your emotions: 1. Shifting your focus Shifting your focus can help us better manage negative emotions.When angry, think of something else that makes you happy or do something that makes you happy, such as watching your favorite TV show or cuddling a beloved pet.Deep breathing Deep breathing can help calm our emotions.When angry, it is recommended to take five to eight deep breaths first, which can not only divert your mind from anger, but also improve the hyperventilation syndrome caused by anger.3, solve the root cause of anger if you only express anger, not to explore the root cause of anger and actively resolve, so that the next time will continue to be angry for this.When you are angry, ask yourself: When did I start to get angry?Why do I feel angry now?For example, if your anger comes from a specific person, think about what it was about that person that angered you, what happened in the past that set you off, and put the anger situation in the perspective of a third person.Then, after the emotional stability, you can have a reasonable communication with the person to express your feelings and appeals, so that the problem can be properly solved.Anger is actually a signal, do not suppress anger, do not ignore the feeling of anger, otherwise it is easy to get sick, not good for yourself, not good for others.Angry might as well find a way to release the mood of anger, let their mood more comfortable, so that it is more conducive to health.[1] Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi qi dead!Never thought, these diseases are out of the gas…[2] These are “gas” out of the disease, I hope you do not get one.[3] Every time you get angry, it is an earthquake to your body: 20 kinds of diseases come out of your breath!I dare not be angry after watching it!Health Times, 2017-09-06, reproduced without the author’s permission