Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation: January 31, Beijing’s traffic operation was generally stable

2022-07-28 0 By

Beijing (CNR.COM) February 1 news (reporter Zhang Keyue) From the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, On January 31, the city’s traffic operation was generally stable, intercity traffic (railway, civil aviation, highway interprovincial passenger transport) compared with 2021 (referred to as year-on-year) growth of 27.53%, the city’s public traffic (ground bus, rail transit) decreased by 10.40%.In terms of urban road network, the average traffic index of road network peak is 1.95, and the peak traffic index is 2.35.The traffic volume of the expressway network was 1.121 million, down 8.14 percent from 2021 and 16.28 percent from the previous month.In terms of passenger transport, 118,800 passengers were disembarked at six railway stations, down 53.97% from the previous month.The number of civil aviation arrivals through the “two flights” was 330,000, down 59.16% from the previous month.As of 12:00 PM, rail transit (including xijiao Line and Yizhuang T1 Line) carried 1,596,100 passengers and ground bus carried 2,486,700 passengers.In terms of highway and road security, the highway increased patrol efforts and increased the frequency of patrol, dispatching 234 vehicles for maintenance patrol, 647 vehicles for maintenance operation, and 936 personnel for maintenance patrol, with a total inspection mileage of 18,234 kilometers and cleaning mileage of 16,113 kilometers.A total of 71 vehicles of urban road maintenance patrol, 52 vehicles of maintenance operation, maintenance patrol personnel 164 person-times, patrol mileage of 4290 kilometers.In terms of transportation law enforcement, 437 law enforcement officers were dispatched to inspect 97 rail transit stations, 1,864 kilometers of highway and 452 transport vehicles.