Is the Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake worth watching?First wave of reviews. Here we go

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The much-anticipated Watergate Bridge finally hits theaters today!As soon as it was released, I would like to mention hot search. Early in the morning, I could feel the excitement of my friends wishing the box office a big success across the screen.Those who watched the movie early had too many “feelings” to express.Their love for the film is evidenced by the number one score on Siping.Some audience said “very shocked, also very moved”;Some said “cry from the beginning to the end of crying in a muddle”;Others especially want to say “Thank you!”.Behind all of these sentiments is everyone’s great affirmation and support for watergate Bridge.In fact, “Watergate Bridge” is so popular and sought after, not only because it is a root of the theme of the film, but also because of its excellent quality.Among them, the comprehensive upgrade of post-production, real war scenes and “love and justice” and “desperate” actors, are the important guarantee of the quality of Watergate Bridge, is also the key reason why it is so popular, is expected to create a miracle in film history.In just half a day, the box office already exceeded 500 million yuan.Changjin Lake is the all-time box office champion in China. As a sequel, Watergate Bridge stands on the shoulders of “giants” and has made comprehensive improvements and upgrades in terms of production level to achieve excellence.There are two kinds of special effects in the film, the big, visual battle scenes and the subtle shots, like actors’ breath and snowflakes on their clothes.These “small” effects are actually harder to grasp than “big” effects.To know, the spectacular war explosion scene, few people in real life experienced, we rely more on imagination.However, such “details” that audiences are accustomed to, such as snowflakes and breathing, are easy to be seen through at a glance if they are not appropriate and unreal.This is a key point that Watergate Bridge has honed over and over again.Happily, Compared to its predecessor, Watergate Bridge does have a big breakthrough in such “detail” special effects, which are not only more accurate, more realistic, and even “immersive”.Seen the film partners can feel the ice and snow in that chill as if from the screen “hit”, people “shiver”!In addition to the production effort, the creators also put a lot of thought into the restoration of the war scenes.In order to give the audience a more realistic and direct experience of the heat and heroism of the battle, Watergate Bridge extremely restored the wartime environment, such as those steep hills, complex terrain, huge water pipes.Not only that, even the snow should be “exactly the same”.There are plenty of shots of volunteers marching through blizzards, and the harsh winds and ice that the actors are exposed to are real.”Because otherwise, the audience wouldn’t see how difficult the battle was, and the actors wouldn’t know how to express that explosive power,” hark said.The scene of everyone’s face was red with cold, was blown by the wind to do not give expression, to deeply understand the volunteer army was with how strong will in the fight.You have to put yourself in that position to appreciate the heroism.”Indeed, we really feel it in watergate Bridge’s ultimate heroism!However, the most touching audience or Yi Yangqianxi as a recruit Wu Wanli.The reckless boy who didn’t know what war was in “Chosin Lake” has grown into an eagle who can fly freely in “Watergate Bridge”.”I didn’t let you run away before, because I was afraid you would get into trouble.It’s up to you how you want to run today.”When the line came out, it broke.In front of the Watergate Bridge, my brother’s words were filled with pride and joy.In fact, both on – and off-screen, the brothers already have a strong bond.There are few films in which the actors form such a deep friendship because of the on-screen “weal and woe”, and they become “friends of life and death”.It is no exaggeration to say that the cast is shooting with life.In one scene, dozens of enemy planes hovered overhead, raking and dropping ammunition at the heights where volunteers were hiding.In the midst of the gunfire, a soldier on fire rushed clumsily towards the enemy plane without hesitation.In fact, the behind-the-scenes scenes of the show alone are enough to make one’s scalp tingle.The whole process was shot with real fire. The flames burst out and set the actors on fire. The director counted down 7 seconds and then rushed to put out the fire in an emergency.Is really taking “life” in a play ah!It is also through countless such “cold to hot” “life and death” moments, the actors’ friendship in and out of the play formed a strong friendship, brotherhood, and finally gathered into a hot national conditions.Such a well-made, “fire and ice” mixed, sentient feelings tears have blood sincerity, you are sure not to see it?This New Year, let’s go to the Watergate Bridge and pay tribute to our ancestors and pass on our hope by watching new era movies!