The fifth qushi hospital branch of the sixth Division has carried out the activity of “hospital + nursing home” combining medical care with nursing care

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On the afternoon of February 22, 2022, the 102nd Regiment Branch of Wujiaqu Hospital of the Sixth Division held a signing ceremony for the combination of medical care and nursing in the New Year with wutong Town Nursing Home. Director Xu Hanlin, head of the medical quality Office of the 102nd Regiment Branch of Wujiaqu Hospital of the Sixth Division, and Zhang Xinling, president of Wutong Town Nursing home and others attended the signing ceremony.The signing of this contract marks the gradual deepening of the mode of combining medical care with nursing care in the 102 Regiment branch of the five Qushi hospitals of the sixth Division.There are more than 60 old people in the nursing home of the fifth quzhou city hospital of the sixth division, including some mental patients. According to the specific physical condition of the sixth division hospital, the branch of the tenth group of the sixth division hospital will issue corresponding drugs to mental patients to ensure their physical and mental health.At the same time, special doctors will make regular visits to the nursing home. If the elderly’s condition is serious, the hospital will assign experts from relevant departments to the nursing home.If the elderly in nursing homes have sudden illness, especially acute and critical illness, the hospital will open a green channel for the elderly to receive hospital treatment, and implement the “one-stop” service of treatment first and settlement later.Xu Hanlin, director of the 1st 2nd Regiment branch of wujiaqu City Hospital of the 6th Division, said: From the end of October 2020, the combined ward of 102 Regiment Hospital has been transformed and put into use, with complete internal facilities, and in strict accordance with the combined service agreement for the elderly over 65 years old, especially elderly patients, to provide high-quality medical services.After the signing ceremony, the sixth division of wujiaqu city hospital a bound regiment branch organization of medical personnel to carry out activities for the group nursing home old people, free physical examination for the old man nursing home, the measurement of blood pressure, electrocardiogram, blood sugar and medication guide and other services, distribution apron with health education knowledge education, paper towels, medicine and other health supplies,According to their living habits and diet and hypertension, diabetes medication and give guidance.”Recently feel the body has been uncomfortable, the old insomnia at night, has not gone to the hospital, today just a group of hospital experts to help me find out the cause of disease, but also taught me how to recuperate the body, is really very grateful!”Old man Zhang of nursing home said happily.At the scene of the activity, the medical staff chatted and talked with the old people happily, which not only sent the old people health, but also sent them warmth.The medical staff’s careful service and patient guidance have been praised by the elderly.A total of 65 elderly people benefited from this free clinic activity, including 32 who had their blood sugar measured, 65 who had their blood pressure measured and 12 who had their electrocardiogram done.Through carrying out the activity of caring for the elderly, the elderly and staff actively publicized the combination of medical care policy, so that the elderly to prevent hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, coronary heart disease and other basic knowledge have a general understanding.While bringing winter warmth to the old man, the medical staff of the fifth Qushi Hospital 102regiment hospital of the sixth Division showed the spirit of “dedication, benevolence, mutual assistance and endeavor”.6 division of wujiaqu city hospital a bound group branch as six division d combined with pilot hospital, will continue to deepen the medical combination work, really to provide peace of mind for the old pension mode of reasonable, make full use of existing resources, innovation mode, the implementation of remote consultation services, promoting high-quality resources sinking, effort and persistence to provide high quality service for the elderly.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: