The world: Zhou Bingkun car lack 60 thousand yuan, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong really can not come out?

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Guide language: “worldly” this drama sees let a person feel very depressive, which is “worldly”, it is clearly “miserable world”, as male advocate Zhou Bingkun and female advocate Zheng Juan, tasted almost the joys and sorrows of all worldly, sour, sweet, bitter and hot!In addition to making people feel sad and depressed, there are a lot of things that people don’t understand!For example, Zhou Bingkun needed 60,000 yuan to buy a car. His brother and sister, one of whom was a senior official and the other a professor, really couldn’t come up with the money?Isn’t it a little too fake?The chow family was one of the richest in the city, though it was one of the poorest.Zhou’s three children, the strength of the interpretation of what is called “different life”, the elder brother Zhou Bingyi became a senior official in politics, sister Zhou Rong was also admitted to Peking University, later also became an associate professor.And Zhou Bingkun almost completely inherited the fate of his father, when a little people at the bottom of the life, taste all kinds of pain and bitterness.In Zhou Bingkun words, his lifetime mix is not as good as his father zhou zhigang, zhou zhigang is a preparation of at least three line workers, and is a engineer, for his wife and children is relatively good life, zhou house is the best house light word slice, and zhou zhigang with a force of people to feed a family of five people, also is not easy!Compared with his brother and sister, Chow bingkun’s situation is too “shabby”.Ping-i Chou but brother and sister Zhou Rong if no brother Zhou Bingkun lift, also is very difficult to reach the height of life, actually Zhou Bingkun swept almost everything in the home, mother was ill in Zhou Rong and weeks, but for Zhou Rong Zhou Bingkun did not say what, also bring Zhou Rong big daughter Feng Yue now without any complaints.The size of the home, Zhou Bingkun have chosen a person to carry, not outside the father said, also not big brother big sister said, it is precisely because Zhou Bingkun kept the zhou’s backyard, so let brother and sister can feel at ease to study and work.Without the efforts of Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong would not have been able to fight for their lives so lightly.However, Zhou Bingyi this elder brother seems to zhou Bingkun really no substantial help, not to say Zhou Bingkun, is the whole zhou home did not touch him what light.Zhou Bingyi said power is the country to him, he can not be public for personal gain, this we can understand, the people’s good public servant, since the choice of politics, he is no longer a simple zhou’s eldest son, regardless of whether it is cherish feathers, adhere to the principle, uncorrupt, Zhou Bingyi did not help Zhou Bingkun what.Chow bingkun went through many ups and downs, brother Chow Bingyi almost no help!Sister Zhou Rong is even more so, it seems to be to get into the habit of home, zhou mother sick for her, but Zhou Bingkun couple in attendance, daughter is born of her, but Zhou Bingkun raised for her.After Zhou Bingkun is released from prison for the second time, this is nine years, has been seriously decouple from society, finally find business opportunities, is a coolie to people move to make money.When I bought a car, I lost 60,000 yuan, but my brother and sister couldn’t get it out. I couldn’t understand it!Zhou bingyi and Hao Dongmei have no children and no expenses. Do they have any savings in their hands?Zhou Rong also want to borrow money to raise sixty thousand dollars, here really some can not understand!Is it to highlight the chows’ incorruptibility?But even if clean, the normal income and savings are still some, do the choo bingyi couple like their mother Kim Yue-hee, their own money to buy coal for the people?And during Zhou Bingkun’s imprisonment, brother and sister, a senior official, a professor, how also can help Zheng Juan find a job, how helplessly watching her sister-in-law sold nine years of baked sweet potatoes and popsicles?This is not understandable at all!If the plot here, under the appropriate and reasonable circumstances, they help Zheng Juan find a job, even if it is a temporary job, after the three together to raise money, collect enough sixty thousand dollars, will let a person do not feel so deliberately and so false.In the s salary is not high, but consumption is not high also, the Chinese idea, has always been “that there was grain barn, the in the mind not panic”, almost everyone has the consciousness of saving, brother Zhou Bingkun home “surplus” is not much, but better than Zhou Bingkun certain brother elder sister’s house, but the present plot setting, really let a person feel a little uncomfortable, do you think?