Anhui latest notice!These fees cannot be collected by the school

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Anhui province development and reform commission relevant departments to formulate the non-profit private schools in anhui province charging management interim measures “(hereinafter referred to as the” measures “), for at the non-profit private schools in the province (hereinafter referred to as the “private schools”, excluding other private education institutions in accordance with the law) to further standardize charge behavior,The measures will take effect on March 1, 2022.According to the regulation, private schools are not allowed to collect fees across academic years or “sponsorship fees”.The measures stipulate that the time interval for adjusting the charge standards of private schools is not less than 3 years.Privately-run colleges and universities charge tuition and accommodation fees by academic year; primary and secondary schools and technical colleges charge tuition and accommodation fees by semester; kindergartens charge nursery education fees and accommodation fees by month or semester, and may not be collected in advance across academic year (semester).If a student drops out of school, transfers to another school or retains his/her school status, the tuition fee and accommodation fee shall be refunded according to the actual study and accommodation period of the student.According to the measures, fees for academic education of privately-run schools (including tuition and accommodation fees, the same below) and fees for kindergartens (including nursery education fees and accommodation fees, the same below) shall be subject to government-guided or price-limited management, while fees for other non-academic education shall be subject to market-adjusted prices.The service fees and agency fees provided by privately-run schools for students and their management shall be carried out according to the policies of public schools.For school education fees, cost basis, general situation of the balance of the previous year, and the other to explain the important matters, such as private schools shall establish educational cost public system, the portal website, campus public bulletin boards, the charge place, recruit students general rules, such as a public, of poor students tuition waivers and other financing way of the public, along with all theActively accept the supervision of students, parents and society.The school shall not charge any additional fees in addition to the announced fees, and students shall have the right to refuse to pay other fees that have not been announced.According to the regulation, private schools shall strictly follow the prescribed charging items and standards, and shall not increase charging items or raise charging standards without authorization, and shall not take advantage of running schools to collect fees in the name of sponsorship fees or collect fees related to enrollment in a disguised manner.