Huhu Shengwei opened a new bureau, Chongchuan launched the business service brand of “Everything is good, hao Satisfaction”

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Yangzi evening News network (reporter Zhu Yayun correspondent cheng Cheng) “enterprise xing chongchuan xing, enterprise strong chongchuan strong.”On the morning of February 9, hu Yongjun, secretary of the Chongchuan District Committee of Nantong city, proposed to pay tribute to chongchuan entrepreneurs with applause at the 2021 annual summary and commendation and “Year of Business Environment Improvement” mobilization meeting.At the beginning of the New Year, Chongchuan District praised the “ballast stone” of economic development, issued a new business environment “Chongchuan Plan”, mobilized the whole district to anchor the goal of “improving the rank of the first, the whole province to compete for progress”, and acted quickly with the fighting spirit of tiger tiger.Last year, chongchuan continued to rank first in nantong in eight major economic indicators, such as gross regional product and general public budget revenue, among which key enterprises in the jurisdiction “contributed greatly”.Nantong Rural Commercial Bank has been selected as one of the “Top 1000 Global Banks” for three consecutive years. Cimc Anruihuan Technology Co., Ltd. has been identified by the Provincial Department of Commerce as the regional headquarters of Multinational companies in Jiangsu Province and the only one in Nantong in 2021. Tonfu Micro Electricity has become the second leading chip packaging and testing enterprise in China and the fifth in the world.Nantong Construction Engineering Group has been listed in “China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises”…… for three consecutive yearsChongchuan has always attached importance to creating a strong atmosphere of “pro-business, pro-business, secure business, rich business”.At the meeting, enterprises with outstanding contributions to high-quality development, excellent enterprises with high-quality development, top ten entrepreneurs with outstanding contributions, top ten Private entrepreneurs, and relevant advanced collectibles and individuals in Chongchuan district were commended.Dadi Electric is the only company in Jiangsu province to be listed on the North Stock Exchange.Jiang Mingquan, chairman of Dadi Electric Appliances, said at the meeting, “This is not only the result of dadi electric appliances’ own efforts, but also the result of chongchuan district’s functional departments helping enterprises improve the quality of operation.At the same time, it further proves that the overall business environment of high quality in Chongchuan District plays an extremely crucial role in the growth and development of enterprises.Nantong Municipal Committee of the CPC and The Nantong Municipal Government designated 2022 as the year of improving business environment, and issued 66 measures to optimize and improve the national standards of pilot cities for innovation in business environment.Chongchuan district downtown consciously shouldering the bear, “chongchuan district implementation & lt; nantong 2022” doing business promotion year “implementation opinions & gt; the work plan of fresh, around pain points and difficulties of doing business, plugging point problem, ShiCe precisely, the key breakthrough, optimizing the ChongChuan growing enterprises and social business environment of the acquisition and satisfaction.The plan identifies 12 key tasks and 66 reform measures in six areas, including business start-up, approval and approval services, project services, enterprises and people’s convenience, market regulation and legal services.Specifically, achieve “three streamlining, two promotion”.”Three streamlining”, that is, streamlining links, streamlining time, streamlining costs;”Two improvements”, namely, to enhance the professional level of enterprise-related services and improve the level of legal services.It is worth mentioning that the new plan also further deepens the implementation of the chief waiter system, dynamically update the enterprise information database, policy integration database, chief waiter information database, the realization of organ cadres and key enterprises one to one link, truly change the enterprise “looking for service” for the government “send service”.At the same time, upgrade chongchuan “Xingqitong” comprehensive platform, promote the preferential policies of “no application, enjoy” and “simple application, enjoy”, and exempt qualified enterprises from application review, directly enjoy the policy;For enterprises that really need to apply for preferential policies, simplify the declaration procedures, and speed up the realization of “one declaration, quick cash”.”Polish the business service brand of ‘Everything goes well, Hao Satisfies’, and create the best window for nantong to build a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized first-class business environment.”Hu Yongjun required that, in the face of increasingly fierce regional development competition and competition of high-quality elements, if we do not advance, we will retreat, and if we advance slowly or small, we will retreat.The whole region should start with a decisive battle and start with a sprint attitude, work hard and fast, and strive for a “good start” in the first quarter.Proofread by Li Haihui