Nearly a thousand parking Spaces are idle in the community’s basement, but the owner has nowhere to park?There’s a difference of tens of thousands

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Recently, Fuzhou Fuqing Jinhui Guanlan cloud of a number of owners report that the number of parking Spaces in the community’s basement is a lot, but they are not only difficult to park, even the purchase of parking space is also in trouble.
A large number of parking Spaces have been repurchased as placement parking Spaces
The owner is having trouble parking

In March this year, the property of Fuqing Jinhui Guanlan Cloud community issued a notice of parking space control of underground garage property rights, which read: from March 28, vehicles that have not purchased parking space are prohibited to enter the basement.
Owners told reporters that the original road parking space in the community has become a green space, and now the whole community is divided between people and cars, which also means that the owners want to park, they have to go to the basement.
The owner said that at present, the ownership of the underground parking space is divided into developers and resettlement units fuqing Overseas Chinese Township Construction Investment Co., LTD., and fuqing Jinhui Mission LAN Cloud community has 550 parking Spaces belong to the resettlement parking space.
Reporters also from the district sales department and fuqing City overseas Chinese township construction investment Co., Ltd. confirmed that the current district of these parking Spaces are for sale, there is no rental plan.
Fuqing Overseas Chinese Town Construction investment Co. LTD
It is a state-owned asset originally, we signed the agreement and paid part of the money. The current plan is three rounds of auction, and the third round is open to all owners.
The price difference between the two parking Spaces is tens of thousands of yuan
On the one hand, the owners are dissatisfied with the lack of parking Spaces, and on the other hand, they also question the repurchase of the 550 parking Spaces: the price of the parking Spaces owned by the developers is between 65,000 and 85,000 yuan, but the location is not good, and if the owners want to buy the parking Spaces, they will have to pay nearly half of the price.

Demolition unit:
The parking Spaces were purchased in return for resettlement
The staff of Fuqing Qiaoxiang Construction investment Co., Ltd. said that their original intention was to reward the resettlement households. The base price of 130,000 yuan was their original repurchase price, and out of the attitude of being responsible for state-owned assets, they could not lower the price.At current prices, few people come to buy parking Spaces, leaving more than 500 vacant.

For such a situation, some owners said they understand, but they put forward their own view: if the developer sold out the parking space, they will eventually have to pay a high price to fuqing Qiaoxiang Construction Investment Co., LTD.
Overseas Chinese township construction company, developers are said
Taxi seats will follow
In the interview, the reporter learned that fuqing City Overseas Chinese Township construction investment Co., Ltd. had bought back so many parking Spaces do have their own considerations: if the parking space price rises, then for resettlement households may be a good thing.Now how to stop the loss of so many parking Spaces in time and operate effectively requires Fuqing Qiaoxiang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. to come up with a plan as soon as possible.

In addition, for some owners did not buy the parking space and faced with difficult trouble, the reporter will also reflect the situation to the Fuqing City housing and urban-rural development Bureau.At the scene, the staff contacted the developer Fuqing Jinhui Residential Real Estate Co., Ltd. and learned that the leasing scheme had been basically completed.

In addition, regarding the announcement at the beginning of this community: vehicles that have not purchased parking Spaces are prohibited from entering the basement, the reporter thinks it is inappropriate. No matter it is forbidden to enter the basement or parking Spaces are only sold but not rented, such practices may be suspected of illegal, because according to article 276 of civil Code:The parking Spaces and garages planned for parking cars within the building zoning shall first meet the needs of the owners.
Here, we also hope that after this disturbance, the parking problem of the community can be effectively solved.Regarding this matter, the group will continue to pay attention.