Orange cat “lick paw” these several reasons, the owner must cause attention

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People who keep orange cats have also seen the behavior of cats licking their PAWS, but there are many reasons for cats licking their PAWS. Owners must pay attention to the “cat’s paw is injured”. Orange cats climb around and sometimes their PAWS are accidentally scratched or pricked, so orange cats will lick their wounds just like disinfection and cleaning wounds.In severe cases, it is best to disinfect and bandage the cat before it gets worse.Cat cat with inflammation between toes is very susceptible to infection between toes so orange cat is no exception for paw has been walking on the ground floor isn’t clean, and clean it is not in place is likely to suffer from inflammation between toes orange cat will frequently to licking his PAWS owner discovered, it’s best to help the cat disinfection medicine again clean environment in place at the same time,This will recover “cat loves clean” orange cat loves clean tend to give oneself clean is the way by licking the hair clean the cat is licking his PAWS is to clean your body “there are bugs in cats claws” your orange cat claws have the bug also can appear to keep licking their claws so the condition of the master at ordinary times must be regularly to the orange cat insecticide Suggestions in vitroThe worms are treated with internal deworming once a month every three months.”The cat is very boring” orange cat know they can get bored at home will give yourself to find things to do such as difficult to licking his PAWS owners should spend more time actually interact with the cat in the interactive, can give the orange cat will get good reward some snacks cat mood such as the “wonderful freeze-dried chicken breast pills”, can be used in the interactive, training, reward, promote the feelings,And pure chicken production, nutritious and delicious, only need to spend a cup of milk tea oh ~ feeding suggestions:Host in addition to pay attention to the orange cat’s daily behavior, more concerned about the diet of orange cat, a sentence is “ten nine orange cat fat”, if your orange cat already obese, for the sake of your cat’s health exercise in addition to cats, and also pay more attention to their diet, physical condition, after all, cat obesity, such as diabetes, etc.Suggested that pets give light low fat cat choose a high quality cat food as staple food, such as the “cat food”, the main “protein fat low carbon in water” formula, selection of chicken, beef, fish and so on many kinds of meat, meat content is rich, and USES the degreasing process, control the fat in 15 o ‘clock, light and not greasy, can effectively control the cat’s weight on a diet.Add some fruits and vegetables to your diet and your cat will be healthier.Conclusion: do you have orange cats?Feel free to post your pictures in the comments