Serie A action: Genoa have drawn salernitana

2022-07-29 0 By

On February 13, 2022 at 22:00 Beijing time, the Serie A football match between Genoa and Salernitana took place, with Genoa in charge.The game ended 1-1 on aggregate, with Genoa drawing at Salernitana.The game was a tight one, with Genoa putting their opponents at risk 56 per cent of the time and Salernitana threatening 38 per cent of the time.Genoa managed 17 shots at home, six of which threatened Salernitana’s goal, with one attack breaking through the defence, while salernitana scored one goal on 12 shots and three shots that were aimed at the goal.Genoa received 3 yellow cards, Salernitana was twice booked by the referee warning, Genoa compared to Salernitana had more obvious foul action, was the referee many times out of the card.Napoli VS Inter at 01:00 torino VS Venice at 03:45 AC Milan VS Sampdoria at 19:30 Verona VS Udinese at 22:00 Empoli VS Carliari at 22:00