Beautiful!Zhuhai 22 old district big change!

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Grand and festive gate, beautiful carved fence and unit canopy, tree trimmed parking lot is bright.Into the residential building, intelligent access control system, smooth marble walls, new corridors, shiny stainless steel hand guards, the annoying “spider web” on the head disappeared…On February 18, Xiao Wen came to Xiaohui Pavilion, which has a history of 22 years. What greeted her was a neat and clean community. Under the light of red lanterns, Xiaohui Pavilion showed a brand new atmosphere in the New Year of the Tiger.Built in 2000, Xiaohui Pavilion is an old residential area with a history of 22 years. There are some “stubborn diseases” : old infrastructure, dilapidated corridor, “three lines” in the building, public areas in disorder, there are security risks.In view of the governance of the “stubborn disease” in the old community, since last year, Cuixiang Street Linxi community took the initiative to move forward, and xiaohui Ge enthusiastic residents representatives together to mobilize the neighborhood to transform their homes.Last year, Lianxi Community promoted the implementation of “livelihood micro practical matters” — free transformation of the gate, fence and parking lot of Xiaohui Pavilion and the completion of the tree pruning, the entire community environment has become beautiful.The external environment of the community has been improved, so that the neighbors have higher requirements for environmental health in the corridor.He Jiliang and other resident representatives decided to strike while the iron is hot, launch all residents “crowdfunding”, to the residential corridor transformation, the transformation of xiaohui attic body immediately put on the agenda.At the same time, led by the Nianxi Community Party Committee, owners of Xiaohui Pavilion established a “Wechat group for owners” to facilitate online communication between neighbors and collect residents’ opinions on renovation.He Jiliang introduction: “in the early stage, we on the residential pile phenomenon of the corridor for the row touch, after the statistics and all the neighborhood to communicate.”With the patient persuasion of community workers and residents’ representatives, more and more residents have joined the campaign to clean up their homes.Xiaohui pavilion dweller started “break give up leave” action, clear the old thing in the home, corridor come out, unified recycle is handled, messy corridor restored neat.In the process of promoting the overall improvement and transformation of the community, many enthusiastic owners and party members like He Jiliang emerged. The Community Party Committee of Lianxi took advantage of this “precious force” and established the community council and party branch to promote the transformation of the old community.Undertake corridor transformation to village, some residents still have concern, feel charge is high on the one hand, feel benefit is limited on the other hand.In this regard, lianxi community staff and representatives of enthusiastic owners paid door-to-door visits and did ideological work door-to-door. They also held scheme consultation meetings and communication meetings for many times to extensively collect residents’ opinions on the micro-renovation of the corridor, and explained in detail the way of capital contribution, specific renovation scheme and construction progress.And guided residents to visit the “model rooms” of other residential areas in Lianxi Community that have successfully implemented building transformation.Concerned residents changed their minds after a field visit and voted “yes” for the corridor renovation.Last October, in cui xiang streets and twist creek community under the guidance, according to the buy old village renovation building ontology promotion rewards method “requirement, Howard pavilion residents represent by door-to-door visits, telephone consultation, achieve” double more than two-thirds of the owners “(accounting for more than two-thirds of the total area of the building owners and owners of more than two-thirds of the total number of households) agree,Renovate and upgrade the building ontology of unit 1, 2 and 3 of the first Building in Xiaohuige community.Soon, xiaohui Pavilion residential building building ontology improvement application has been approved by the superior.Yao Jiming, secretary of the Party Committee of Lianxi Community, introduced that the total amount of the renovation project of Xiaohui Pavilion building is 460,000 yuan, which is jointly funded by the government and residents in accordance with the ratio of “one to one”.”In the process of renovation, if there is any problem, the neighbors will discuss and communicate in the wechat group of the community. We all have business and quantity, just like a family.”He jiliang said with a smile that since the renovation of the corridor was carried out, the neighborhood often discussed the progress in the wechat group and supervised the construction of the corridor. The neighborhood atmosphere is harmonious and harmonious.”The transformation of old residential areas has produced the effect of 1+1>2, and the original neighborhood conflicts have been quietly resolved.”Today, residents of different corridors often visit each other, making the neighborhood more harmonious.In the middle of January this year, xiaohui Pavilion all renovation projects successfully completed, Lianxi community also through the “people’s livelihood micro practical” project, for xiaohui Pavilion each unit corridor application equipped with “fire small red box”, to build a strong community fire safety barrier.Through the relay implementation of “livelihood micro practical matters” and “old community transformation”, Lianxi Community has not only improved the living environment of Xiaohui Pavilion, but also improved the happiness index of residents and brought the neighborhood closer.Yao Jiming said that next, The Community Party Committee of Lianxi will launch more residential areas to participate in the micro-updating of the corridor with the support of Cuixiang Street to create high-quality ecological living areas.Solve the people’s worries, let the subtle bloom the light of civilization.Forward like!Look forward to more old residential areas in Zhuhai can become beautiful ~ source/zhuhai Media Group photo/Zhuhai Media Group editor Zeng Yao/short article