‘Chaotic Hong Kong’ mp leaves sick 90-year-old mother, sells house and escapes overseas during Spring Festival!

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Since the national Security Law took effect in Hong Kong, the arrogant and domineering members of “Disorderly Hong Kong” announced their retirement from politics one after another. They quickly changed their faces, pledging to “protect Hong Kong” on one side, while selling their houses and fleeing to protect themselves.There is no doubt that the national Security Law has a huge deterrent effect.Just recently, it was revealed that kam Nai-wai, a former Hong Kong lawmaker, has sold his Hong Kong mansion and absconded, leaving his 90-year-old mother alone in Hong Kong.What happened to the status quo after the “disorderly Harbor” elements absconded?Hong Kong’s national Security Law, like a sword hanging over its head, has made many “disorderly Hong Kong” elements terrified and fled abroad, helping Hong Kong quickly regain stability.However, these fleeing “disorderly port” elements, really on the loose?What is their status quo?The “anti-China riot Hong Kong” elements are like rats crossing the street, and everyone abandons them.Kam resigned from parliament and disappeared from public view after it was revealed that he had insulted the national flag on the eve of the National Day, in direct violation of the national Security Law.Kam is reported to have fled overseas.Is it really easy to live away from home?In fact, some “disorderly Hong Kong” members fled to Taiwan, but they face survival problems, holding tourist visas, unable to work, can only sleep on the street.Some want to flee to Britain, but do not have the relevant passports.The successful escape of the “disorderly Hong Kong elements”, they quickly lost the use of value, become the abandoned son of foreign forces, even the leader Chen Jiaju are facing survival problems, in the network social media cry poor, pray to get the help of net friends.Hong Kong politicians have urged young people not to go astray, saying that anyone who violates the national security law should be punished by the law no matter where they are.On 27 August 2020, Cheng Lai-qiong, then chairwoman of Hong Kong’s Central and Western District Council, called for an end to COVID-19 testing and the use of the Hong Kong health code.Kam nai-wei in the side to assist, urged the Hong Kong SAR government to implement violent measures, but also called for the removal of patriotic flags.These two men not only maliciously attacked the country, but even insulted the national flag. They must not be tolerated.Hong Kong is part of the motherland, and people from all walks of life have called for severe punishment of kam Nai-wai, Cheng Li-qiong and other “disorderly Hong Kong” elements.These evil forces, who are deliberately hostile to the people, are destroying the future of Hong Kong. It can be said that Hong Kong will not have a bright future if the “black explosion” continues.In recent days, people from all walks of life and social organizations in Hong Kong have expressed their love for the motherland and their recognition of the National Security Law. Nearly two million people have signed their names to support the implementation of the national Security Law and will not tolerate “anti-China” acts.History is mighty, we need to be a dignified Chinese, sharing the great motherland and glory, this is the right way.Betraying the country and Hong Kong is a desperate move.Some sources refer to: Guanchan.com