Jingyan County was selected as a typical example of the national rural toilet revolution

2022-07-30 0 By

A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the National Rural Revitalization Administration issued a notice, recommended six rural toilet revolution typical examples, requiring all parts of the country to seriously learn from, leshan Jingyan County in our province was selected.Jingyan County actively explore the new path for rural toilet renovation in hilly areas, adhere to the “four degrees”, rural toilet renovation.First, focus on publicity and increase the recognition of the people.We will strengthen publicity through various forms such as conference mobilization, door-to-door publicity, leaflets, video clips, on-site visits, and performances of artistic works to stimulate farmers’ willingness to improve toilets.Second, the implementation of financial subsidies, lit the enthusiasm of the masses.We will adhere to the principle of “subsidy after construction” and “subsidy after construction”. We will determine subsidy standards through comprehensive evaluation through market visits, project evaluation and post-construction feedback.Third, we will implement policies tailored to individual households to improve people’s satisfaction.We should formulate a variety of construction models and corresponding subsidy schemes in a scientific way so that farmers can make their own choices instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach.We will continue to set examples before expanding our coverage, starting with areas where basic conditions are good, and not rush in with enthusiasm.Fourth, we will ensure adequate management and care to reduce public anxiety.According to the renovation mode of toilets of different construction types, experts in the industry are organized to make evaluation and judgment, and the management and protection standards are formulated accordingly. The strength of management and protection personnel is strengthened. Farmers pay the management and protection fees according to the standard of 2 yuan per person per month, and the new trend of “whoever uses the toilet pays” is advocated.