Recruitment notice for 2022 Traffic Police Brigade of Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of Qujing Public Security Bureau

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According to the development needs of public security work, the traffic police Brigade of Economic and technological Development Zone branch of Qujing City Public Security Bureau decided to recruit 12 auxiliary police personnel to assist in public security work.(1) Applicants must be of the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;(2) to uphold the Constitution, observe the laws and regulations of the State and conduct themselves well;(3) Aged between 18 and under 30 (born between January 1, 1992 and January 1, 2004);(4) High school education or above.Under the same conditions, priority will be given to the recruitment of children of public security martyrs or policemen who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, ex-servicemen, graduates of police or political and law schools, voluntary felon-fighting activists and advanced individuals;(5) At least 1.68 meters in height;Visual acuity of both eyes should not be less than 4.5;(6) Be physically and mentally healthy and in good physical appearance, without disability, stutter, hard of hearing or tattoos;(7) voluntarily engage in auxiliary police work and obey the post arrangement of the organization.2. Under any of the following circumstances, they shall not be recruited as auxiliary police personnel.(2) those who have been subjected to administrative detention, asylum or education, or have a history of drug abuse;(3) being dismissed from public office or dismissed by a state organ or institution;(4) the labor contract has been terminated due to violation of relevant regulations on the administration of auxiliary police personnel;(5) having a relatively serious bad personal credit record;(6) participating in illegal organizations, evil cult organizations or other activities endangering State security if one of his family members or close relatives has been sentenced to criminal punishment;(7) he/she does not have the physical fitness and working ability required for the normal performance of his/her post duties;(8) others not suitable for auxiliary police work.Job wanted: Traffic Police Brigade of Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of Qujing Public Security Bureau.Number of applicants: 12 (male)The probationary period is 6 months. The probationary period salary is about 3100 yuan/month (including the payment of five insurances). After the probationary period, the official salary consists of basic salary, grade salary, seniority salary, performance appraisal salary, duty allowance, overtime allowance, duty allowance and year-end one-time bonus, etc.About 4000 yuan per month (including the five insurances).Registration Time: 9:00-11:30 am, 3:00-5:30 PM, February 14-16, 2022 (III) Registration Address:Room 15, Jijie New District, Xicheng Street, Qilin District, Qujing Public Security Bureau, Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch, Traffic Police Brigade, Internal Affairs Office (Tel: 0874-3968599)Applicants should bring one original id card, one copy of graduation certificate (degree certificate), one original and one copy of relevant qualification certificate and other supporting materials, and two recent photos of one-inch white background and bareheaded color on the front, and fill in the registration form truthfully on the spot.Organize examination, Physical Examination and political Review. Specific examination time and location will be announced within 7 days after the deadline of registration for qualified recruiters.The telephone number left by the applicant should be kept unblocked, because the recruitment work can not be contacted with me, it is regarded as an automatic waiver.(1) Written test Written test is conducted in closed-book form, which mainly examines the candidates’ current affairs and politics, basic knowledge of law, basic knowledge of public security and other relevant contents.The full mark of the written test is 100.(2) Physical fitness Test After the written test, the list of candidates to participate in the physical fitness test shall be determined in the descending order of their scores and in a ratio of 1:2 to the number of candidates to be employed. Those who fail to reach the ratio shall take the physical fitness test in the same amount.Physical fitness test refers to the “Public Security organs recruitment of the people’s police physical fitness assessment Project and standard (interim)” test (10 meters ×4 round trip run, 1000 meters run, standing long jump, a total of 3 projects), the bidder into the next recruitment link.Participants should decide whether to take part in the physical fitness test or not according to their physical conditions. Those who cannot exercise vigorously due to physical reasons shall be responsible for the adverse consequences caused by taking part in the physical fitness test.(3) The candidates who pass the physical fitness test shall be interviewed in the descending order of their written test scores, and the list of candidates to be interviewed shall be determined in a ratio of 1:2 to the number of candidates to be hired. Those who fail to reach the ratio shall be interviewed in the same amount.The interview score is 100.After the interview, the list of examiners for physical examination and political examination will be determined according to the overall score of the written examination and interview in descending order. Those who fail the physical examination and political examination will not be hired, and the vacancies will be filled according to the overall score.The traffic police brigade of Economic and Technological Development Zone Sub-branch of Qujing Public Security Bureau shall sign a 3-year labor contract with the personnel who have passed the examination, interview inspection, physical examination and political examination, with a probationary period of 6 months.According to the needs of the work, they will be uniformly assigned to the internal departments to carry out pre-job training. For those who fail to pass the training or have other behaviors that do not conform to the relevant provisions of the probation period, they will terminate the labor contract in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.Qujing City Public Security Bureau Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch Traffic Police Brigade February 10, 2022