The budget is not enough to decorate these 7 places, so you should buy good ones, otherwise it will directly affect the home experience

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Decoration of these 7 places, the budget is insufficient, should be good, or it will directly affect the home experience for ordinary people, it is not easy to make money.Buying a house has already cost a lot of money, and renovating it has to be a stressful thing.So, when decorating, always think can province province.Although reason is such a reason, but the pursuit of money blindly, province to affect the quality of life, affect health, that some of the gains outweighed the losses.Today xiaobian will give you 7 decoration, try not to save money.These money are the blade of the money, must be spent, buy good not to buy bad, so that the quality of life will be greatly improved after moving in.1. Water pipe water pipe is a concealed engineering materials, is very very important, the money is absolutely can not save.There are PVC and PPR water pipes on the market now, PVC is relatively cheaper.However, it is really not recommended to choose PVC water pipes, especially hot water pipes.PVC has defects in its own material: poor heat resistance and easy deformation in a hot environment.From the construction point of view, the connection of PVC pipe is stuck with glue, and the stability is relatively poor.These comprehensive reasons, will lead to some leakage in the late hidden dangers.Be sure to choose PPR tube, although more expensive, but really much better.Not only antibacterial material, high temperature resistance;The connection is still connected by hot melt machine heating, longer service life;The wall of the water pipe itself is thicker than that of the PVC pipe, which ensures the mission of being watertight forever.2 wires and wires also belong to concealed engineering materials, every little problem, need to hit the wall to repair.Wire commonly used also cent two kinds, one kind is BVR line (soft line) and BV line (hard line), the biggest distinction depends on the different wire core.Comparatively speaking, the BVR line is cheaper.But it is really not recommended to use BVR line, the core is a combination of multi-strand line, single strand line is relatively thin, fast oxidation speed, short service life, but also prone to broken core, poor contact, local heating and other hidden dangers.Be sure to choose BV line, because of its small cross-sectional area ratio, not easy to oxidation, short circuit current impact, relatively longer life;Joint contact is strong, not easy to appear bad contact, short circuit and other hidden dangers.3. Waterproof and hidden engineering materials can no longer be hidden, once there is a problem with waterproof, small wall moldy, peeling;Big is water leakage, water leakage, need to put the toilet all smashed off to repair, especially special trouble.When receiving a house now, what develop business uses commonly by default is polypropylene waterproof, this is the most basic also is the cheapest kind of waterproof material, affirmation also is not recommended to be used again when decorating.First of all, polypropylene is a piece like a piece of cloth stick up, splicing things will have gaps.Second is the late stick on the wall of things, certainly also easy to fall.These problems will lead to many hidden dangers in the later period.Waterproof, must be willing to spend money.The ground chooses the flexible waterproof coating, the wall chooses the rigid waterproof coating, should brush more than three times at least, but also do the protective layer, prevent the late construction damage.The height of toilet waterproof, can brush to top better, also do not careless.Such waterproof, can say that you want to use your own renovation decoration, it is still good.One-time investment, especially save trouble.4. Switch socket this is a high frequency of use, but also easy to be ignored.Switch socket is not good to use, really directly affect the living experience.On the switch, good quality switch, not only security to be satisfied;The experience will also be very elegant, with a silky press feeling, we can pay for the point.The switch of general quality, the child with lesser strength, may not be pressed directly.On the socket, the hole design is very important, especially the five hole socket.There are five holes and oblique five holes on the market, under normal circumstances, cheap five hole socket is five holes, looks like five holes, can only plug a plug, two plug at all.It’s hard to plug it in.And some of the more expensive five socket, is the actual use of the user experience are taken into account, can plug two plugs at the same time, more practical;In terms of use, it’s also silky.5. The toilet The toilet is another thing that is used a lot and is always cheap.At least in China, the average family really does not want to spend a lot of money on a toilet device.In fact, the cheap toilet really has a lot of problems: for example, the water’s momentum is not enough, how to flush are not clean;Toilet itself material yellow, easy to hang dirty, diligent brush brush is not clean;Pipe diameter design is not reasonable, easy to block, flushing sound is huge.These can create unnecessary complications in daily life.So, be willing to spend money.Choose the toilet with its own water tank, more impulse;Internal selection of full glaze, pipeline is not easy to stain;The flushing mode is siphon type and straight suction type, which is not easy to block, clean, the key noise is smaller, and you don’t have to worry about waking up your family at midnight.One third of a person’s life is spent in bed, we must choose a good quality lying down to sleep, do not shortchange yourself.The choice of mattess is set out from comfortable go up not only, environmental protection sex is very important also, some even affect health directly.Take coconut/palm mattresses, for example. Poor quality coconut/palm mattresses are made by gluing together debris.Glue is one of the sources of formaldehyde, the mattress containing a lot of formaldehyde, can be said to be a toxic mattress, those adulterants do not know what is, sleep on such a mattress every day, can you rest assured?The quality coconut/palm mattress is made from natural coconut/palm after countless layers and hot pressing, without any glue or adulteration.Go up from cost for, expensive a lot of, affirmation also went up on price.But for the sake of your health, it’s money well spent.7. Hardware this is a relatively superficial object, but because its presence is not very high, it is often easy to be ignored, but it can directly affect the later check-in experience.Inferior hardware is easy to break, such as cabinet hinges, drawer rails and so on.The number that uses is very much also, the word of quality is poor, time is long, cupboard door falls easily, seal is lax, affect beautiful.Some may not be able to open and close, shut and open the problem, making people very mad, frequent maintenance is also very troublesome.And high grade hardware, use experience will be better, not only switch more fluent, still take mute buffer function, prevent cupboard door or drawer to close crackling, the key still not easy bad.It is also a one-time investment that can be maintained for a longer time.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement contact delete)