Cross-border know news: digging trillion yuan market in 2022, fine parenting activation

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At the beginning of the 21st century, with the increase of demographic dividend and the improvement of residents’ consumption level, the maternal and infant industry has exploded into great market potential.However, in recent years, the epidemic situation and the decline of the global birth rate have made the product homogeneity of maternal and child industry and the increasing cost of obtaining customers become increasingly prominent.Worldwide data for January 2021 show an average drop in birth rates of 10-20% from the same period in 2020.Poland fell by 25%, Spain by 20%, Japan by 14% and France by 13%, the lowest since 1975.In the short term, the decline of birth rate directly affects the development of maternal and infant industry, and the global maternal and infant market has entered a period of stock competition dominated by brand management and private sector operation.Despite the sharp drop in birth rates, the maternal and infant market is still in a period of growth. Kantar data shows that in the past year, exports of maternal and infant products on the Chinese mainland grew by 23 percent, and the maternal and infant market in Europe and the US is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.Industry analysts point out that: the new generation of parents, represented by the post-90s and post-95s, have gradually become the main force of the parenting group, and their consumption upgrading demand for maternal and infant products has gradually become the main driving force of the growth of the maternal and infant market.With the transition from the post-80s generation to the post-90s generation, the demand of the maternal and child market has also changed a lot.The post-90s generation is also known as the Pan-Z generation. Their growth trajectory coincides with the popularization and development of Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies, with avant-garde and diversified labels and higher life quality pursuit.This means “refinement parenting” will replace “free-range parenting” – along with income growth, parenting upgrade, after the 90 parents of infants and young children related products’ ability to pay and willingness to pay are increased, low sensitivity to price, more advocate science Eva, balanced and physical and mental development of infants have a more strict, more demand below.When the industry enters the era of fine cultivation, commodity strategy should also achieve qualitative change.As the mother-baby circuit has been further broken down, spending on childcare has become more diversified.In terms of eating and drinking, baby and baby small household appliances such as breast pump, auxiliary food machine and other emerging products are very popular, and there is even a special sterilization drying rack for drying milk bottles.In terms of education, parents begin to pay more attention to the possibility of children’s future development, and will enlighten infants and young children in various ways.In the trend of sophisticated parenting, it is more necessary for businesses to establish brand thinking, carry out a wide range of social media activities, improve the reputation of product brands in the market, improve user goodwill.In the future, new development opportunities will be born in the exploration of the segmentation fields of maternal and child products and the upgrading of product quality, and the maternal and child track will still have broad prospects.The trend of refined parenting has also brought about changes in consumer groups. The consumer group of maternal and child products is no longer limited to the identity of “mother”, but extends to all family members with parent-child relationship as the core.Data show that male users account for 31.7 percent of maternal and infant users globally, which has become an emerging consumer power. In this regard, businesses can adopt community operation biased towards Bao Dad’s consumption habits to expand brand coverage.Refined parenting also changes group consumption habits. Offline maternal and infant shopping malls were the main position of the industry in the past, but now in the context of “user inventory” competition, private business has become an important carrier of maternal and infant brand transformation.And as the pandemic continues, consumers are increasingly choosing to buy goods online.Way for knowledge acquisition not only such, parenting and more broad, and data shows that 34% of maternal and infant population are said to be from mother to child vertical class platform to obtain relevant information, while 26% of maternal and infant population are said to be through the social platform to obtain relevant information, for business, through a short video content marketing ways such as traffic import and transformation, to build their own private domain user pool,Can very good expand brand communication margin.As early as 2020, the number of users related to maternal and infant e-commerce in China has exceeded 200 million, and the market size of cross-border e-commerce is more than 10 billion yuan. It is expected that the maternal and infant industry will continue to develop at a compound annual growth rate of more than 5% in the future, and the global maternal and infant market size may approach 1.4 trillion US dollars by 2027.With the change of parenting concept and the enhancement of consumption upgrading trend, the mother and child industry is fading away from simple commodity sales, waiting to be excavated is more quality service sales.In the long run, the maternal and infant industry has the consumption attribute of high frequency and high stickiness, and with the influence of factors such as the increasing youth of maternal and infant groups, the improvement of consumption ability and the upgrading of consumption concept, the maternal and infant industry will become a dark horse that cannot be ignored on the consumption track.To break the single marketing model, we can accurately cover the audience in many areas, and also help the brand to break the circle smoothly.Reasons for recommendation: 1, high potential trend, superior category 2, strong growth, has obvious cost performance advantages recommended reasons: 1, a cup of dual-use, milk bottle + sippy cup 2, gravity ball design, 360 degrees of milk drinking without resistance 3, high potential category, high search, great market potential2, remote control, 5-speed frequency conversion, timing swing 3, music to sleep, support mobile phone Bluetooth, SD card expansion 4, plug, battery can be used at the same time, free from cable harness.1, cost-effective and quality both 2, one key folding, small carry, can be put into the car trunk 3, double shock absorbers, big bottom wheel + shock absorbers spring, limited to avoid road bumps 4, load-bearing, weight only 15kg, can bear the weight of an adult (Article source:Alibaba global speed sell tong) recommend reading the Russian cross-border electricity of pet in the economic boom, huge potential “articles source: cross-border electricity: cross-border electricity tutorial:http://www.kjdsnews.compaypal: booking: long tail keywords: