55 years old woman remarries 68 years old man, woman: He’s so bad man: You have to listen to me

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With the simplest words, to record the most real emotions.Welcome to click on the upper right corner “follow” to my emotional world.Guide language as the development of the society, of people living standard rise ceaselessly, lone old person already does not resemble 70 80 time that same, be afraid of others gossip, dare not remarry.Because people in the previous generation are committed to their partners, even if they die for some reason, they will not choose to remarry.However, with the opening of people’s minds, it is not a new thing for the elderly to remarry, but more conducive to the physical and mental health of the elderly, after all, the most afraid of old people is to be alone.Can remarry also have remarry trouble, this is not, 55 years old woman remarry 68 years old uncle woman said, married life is in a mess, and then uncle said accept fate.So what’s their story?Let’s read on.My name is Pan Yan and I am 55 years old. Since MY remarriage to a 68-year-old man, my married life has been a mess, not as comfortable as I was when I was single.The thing is, when I was 40, my ex-husband cheated on me, and I divorced him.This also made me afraid of marriage and gradually lost confidence in men. Later, AFTER more than ten years, I had no idea of remarrying.When I met my ex-husband, he was a penniless kid who probably fell for his sweet talk.Who said it is not, love is cheated out, feelings are sleeping out.Disregarding the family’s opposition, she married him without knowing it.I think it is ok to make any decision when you are young, as long as it is what you like.Because at that time will not consider the daily necessities of life, love is really too great!Imagine the extent to which one person can be attracted to another.But we did struggle because we had nothing, even the dowry we borrowed for our wedding was for my parents.I began to do some small business with my husband in the city, this day has also counted the flavor, although it is a little hard, but I believe it will be better and better.In those years of reform and opening up, we seized the opportunity to go into business and made our first bucket of gold. Since then, our life has been just like opening up.But some men go bad when they have money, and that’s not a bad thing to say about an ex-husband.When you don’t have money, you feel that you and I lead a very sweet life, but when you have money, you go your separate ways.In terms of marriage, I was rational. Since my husband’s heart was no longer with me, it was meaningless for me to keep him by my side. Finally, we chose to divorce amicably.After the divorce, my son and his and my daughter live with me.Now the daughter has grown up and married.I’m all alone, but I have a lot of savings from running a business when I was young, and some assets. I have two or three apartments for rent downtown.So I don’t have to worry about food, clothing, shelter and transportation, but SOMETIMES I feel a little lonely.When I was young, I swore that I did not believe in a man and did not want to remarry again, but that was the idea at that time, people are growing as the age, the idea will also follow the change, perhaps this is fate!Then, by chance, I was introduced to a man 13 years older than me, who is now my wife, Lao Zhang.Lao Zhang’s conditions are similar to mine. After all, he is a retired leader of his employer with a monthly pension of 7,000 yuan. His children also live and work in other cities, so I think I can accept Lao Zhang’s conditions.Because I can not find a worse than myself, in this way I have to take care of his temperament of life, then I am not as a person.I thought Lao Zhang and I would live happily in our old age. However, Lao Zhang is very stingy. He said that we should go Dutch when we live together, which doesn’t matter to me, but he is always trying to take advantage of me.Originally agreed to the living expenses of each half, but he always said with various reasons can not come out, or said that his son to take the pension to the capital turnover, to the next month to return to me.I believed it at first, but I probably didn’t see him next month.What I can’t accept is that ALL the housework, including washing, cooking and mopping, is done by me.He said he was old, couldn’t stand much, and had high blood pressure.I can understand that he is old, but when I accompanied him to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that everything was normal, not as serious as he said. Isn’t this cheating me?It’s like I’m his free babysitter, upside down.I argued with him for several times, but it was fruitless. He always had his reasons. Alas, after all, he is a leader who says one thing and does another.Married life is really a mess, except for a person to accompany me at night, during the day I basically do the job of nanny.I was wondering if I owed him in my previous life. I just wanted to find a wife to accompany me for the rest of my life. How could I meet someone like Lao Zhang?More exasperated is, Lao Zhang unexpectedly asked me to accept fate!Why do I accept my fate?He said I was born to be unloved by men, and born to work.Why did he say that to me? I am so sad. I can ignore everything else and just want to spend my old age.Conclusion The elderly looking for a wife, or to keep a mind, although the elderly most afraid of being alone, but sometimes do not go to compromise.Since this is not what they want, or their choice is wrong, they should bravely quit the life they do not like, the elderly for a comfort, peace of mind, rest assured.For example, when Aunt Pan married Lao Zhang, she was a free nanny. What’s the point of remarrying?It’s better to be alone, isn’t it?