A dish of fried pork liver belly, man infected with hepatitis E caused acute liver failure!This kind of disease mostly comes out of eating, specially stare at “greedy fresh tender” person

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Speaking of second liver, the likelihood everybody is not strange.So, have you ever heard of hepatitis E?Approximately 20 million people worldwide are infected with hepatitis E each year, with more than 3 million cases of acute hepatitis E disease and 56,600 deaths associated with hepatitis E.Hepatitis E is a liver disease caused by hepatitis E virus and is transmitted mainly through faecal-oral route.”In everyday life, the most common route of hepatitis E infection is through diet.”Professor Sheng Jifang, director of the First Affiliated hospital of Zhejiang University Medical School, said.In hepatitis of 5 kinds of virus sex, armour, second, third, ding, five, although hepatitis e is platoon in the last “five younger brother”, but its harm is not a bit unlike however a few “elder brother” small, want to exceed before a few kinds of virus sex hepatitis even in certain respect.Recently, the infectious disease department of the first hospital of Zhejiang University has received 3 cases of hepatitis E patients, quzhou Lao Li is one of them.Old Li, 52, suffered acute liver failure after being tossed over by a dish of stir-fried pork liver from Quzhou.Lao Li is a true gourmander. He loves food and often invites two or three of his friends to go to the nearby farmhouses to “make sacrifices”.In winter, when the weather gets cold, he takes turns at hot pot, casserole and stir-fry, with a few liang kaoliang.Among many delicacies, Lao Li loves to eat fried pork liver with green and red pepper. The smooth and tender taste makes him unable to stop. Every time he goes out to dinner, he will come to a plate.On December 5 last year, Lao Li ordered a dish of stir-fried pork liver as usual at a dinner party, but unexpectedly, he started to have diarrhea that night.After that, he began to feel nauseous, weak, bloated and unable to eat.”I didn’t take it seriously at first. I thought I had eaten something bad.”But over the course of a week, Lao Li’s spirits became more and more listless. His waist and back continued to bilge, and his urine turned from pale yellow to golden and finally to thick brown.Aware of the abnormal, Lao Li accompanied by his family to the local hospital, a check of liver function startled, dozens of times higher than the normal value.Horrified, Lao Li’s family drove from Quzhou to Hangzhou to seek treatment in the Infectious Disease Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine.Liver function examination showed that Lao Li’s liver function was abnormal, and his alanine pyruvic transaminase was as high as 2470U/L, while the value of normal people was 0-40U/L, which was 60 times the normal value.In addition, total bilirubin, glutamic oxalacetic transaminase and a series of indicators are tens of times the normal value.”His clotting is very bad, and it’s progressing very quickly and dangerously!”The infectious disease doctor who receives treatment urgently admitted Lao Li to hospital.After further examination, it was found that Lao Li’s hepatitis E antibody suggested IgG and IgM were positive, and what “put down” Lao Li was hepatitis E virus.”Lao Li suffered severe liver damage and acute liver failure. The prothrombin activity level was as low as 31%. Usually, if it is lower than 40%, it belongs to severe hepatitis.”After about half a month of careful treatment by sheng Jifang, director of the Infectious Diseases Department, his condition gradually improved and he was finally discharged safely.”It’s not that you can’t eat liver, it’s important to cook it at high temperatures and thoroughly.Heating at 100℃ for 3-5 minutes can effectively kill hepatitis E virus. When eating pig liver, as long as it is cleaned and cooked at high temperature for enough time, the virus will die out as well.”Director Sheng said, “In Lao Li’s case, it may be that the pig liver itself was contaminated with hepatitis E virus, and the cooking method of stir-fry often does not cook the liver thoroughly, so the virus is not killed. Lao Li ate it, equivalent to the disease in his mouth.”A year to receive 40 to 50 cases of hepatitis E patients light will heal within 4-6 weeks of acute liver failure. Coincidentally, during Lao Li’s hospitalization, the infectious diseases department of the first hospital of Zhejiang University received two consecutive cases of “acute hepatitis E” patients.One of them likes to eat small pickled seafood;The other eats out all the time, hanging out at various street eateries.At the same time, as the vice chairman of the Infectious Diseases branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Director Sheng Jifang introduced that the first hospital of Zhejiang University receives about 40 to 50 cases of hepatitis E patients every year.Sheng, director of introduction, hepatitis e is a kind of zoonosis, in addition, subclinical infection for patients with hepatitis e infection, pigs, cattle, sheep, deer, rats, dogs, cats and other carrying hepatitis e virus can also become the source of infection of hepatitis e, the contaminated water or intake with hev pork, pork liver, seafood, etc., may suffer from hepatitis e.Clinical go up to clinical, expression of e hepatitis is acute icteric model hepatitis, acute do not have icteric model hepatitis, cholestasis hepatitis and liver failure normally, it is acute self-limited more, develop to become chronic hepatitis rarely.”Hepatitis E is a self-limiting infection (the virus can be completely cleared by the immune system after a period of time), which generally resolves itself within 4-6 weeks, with severe cases developing fulminant hepatitis (acute liver failure) and a risk of death.”The liver disease that comes out of eating is mostly due to unhygienic diet or “greedy for fresh and tender” hepatitis E spreads through faecal-oral route and is infectious.Therefore, if you eat food contaminated with HEPATITIS E virus, you may be affected.”Many people prefer to eat raw seafood or undercooked pork, liver and other meats, which are all at risk for hepatitis E.”Director Sheng Jifang mentioned that when many people eat raw seafood, they think that dipping mustard or pickling can kill bacteria. Not to mention whether mustard can really kill bacteria, but in addition to bacteria, we still need to pay attention to the presence of parasites and hepatitis E virus and other pathogens when eating raw seafood.In addition, contaminated fruits and vegetables, or use of contaminated utensils, can be infected with hepatitis E.In addition to sashimi, drunk shrimp, eating hot pot like “shabu shabu” eat a “tender” mouth should be careful.Sheng director has received a company collective recruit, “in the company canteen after eating eggs pancake, more than 50 people have more than 30 hepatitis E disease.After tracing back to the source, it was found that the water on the surface of the river was contaminated by hepatitis E virus, which caused many cases “.In addition to the digestive tract transmission, hepatitis E can also be transmitted through blood and contact with utensils and household utensils, Sheng said.High incidence of hepatitis E in winter and spring Can kill Hepatitis E virus by boiling at high temperatureWinter and spring cold weather, people’s appetite generally increased, especially during the festival, relatives and friends gathering increased significantly, inevitably dinner outside.Increased exposure to unclean food provides opportunities for sporadic hepatitis E.After the Spring Festival, director of ji-fang sheng has exploded a 20-something girl, see a doctor before half a month, suddenly a bit of a fever, cough, when cold treatment for a long time not see good, began to have loose bowels, nausea and vomiting, skin also became yellow, and thought it was a stomach trouble, digestive department to a local hospital, check, cereal third transaminase soared to more than 1000,His jaundice index was five times higher than normal and he was diagnosed with hepatitis E.It was further revealed that the girl had eaten sashimi and raw shellfish before Chinese New Year, which may have been when she contracted hepatitis E virus.”Generally speaking, seafood such as shellfish can be contaminated with HEV, and if eaten raw without cooking, you can get HEV.”Sheng director explained.In the early stages of the disease, hepatitis E usually presents with fever, fatigue, nausea and other symptoms, which can be mistaken for a cold or a common stomach attack.However, after a period of time, there will be urine yellowing, abdominal distension, yellow eyes and other clinical manifestations of liver damage, but also may invade the stomach, bowel and nervous system and other organs, the onset of acute disease, the incidence of acute viral hepatitis.”The treatment of hepatitis E is generally symptomatic supportive treatment, one of the purposes of treatment is to remove yellow liver protection, jaundice and transaminase patients down.”Sheng director introduction, because e liver has self-limited, generally do not need to be hospitalized.However, if acute liver failure occurs, immediate hospitalization is required.”Generally speaking, after a bout of hepatitis E, there is no further infection, and mild hepatitis E does not leave any sequelae. Even if liver failure is treated, most cases can achieve a good prognosis, but for some elderly men, it can lead to long-term cholestasis, and the prognosis is poor.”Sheng director frankly.Director Sheng Jifang stressed that the incubation period of hepatitis E virus infection is generally 10-60 days, the average is 40 days, some acute cases within 3-5 days that symptoms, adults are relatively easy to completely cure.Although all can affect all ages, but have a chronic liver disease patients, pregnant women, there are basic diseases of the elderly, often go out to eat or eat outside vendors and food professionals, and animal husbandry and breeding and processing seafood, hepatitis e virus infection, easy to develop into severe hepatitis, induce life risk, pay special attention to.How to prevent hepatitis E virus?Director Sheng Jifang suggested: 1. Pay attention to food hygiene, prevent diseases from entering the mouth, avoid unclean food.Do not drink raw water, seafood, meat food should be cooked, avoid eating raw or half-raw food.Studies have shown that HEV has a wide range of hosts, including deer, cats, ferrets and so on. HEV has even been found in rabbits and cattle, and is strongly resistant to eating wild animals.2. High incidence of HEPATITIS E season, reduce the frequency of eating out, avoid close contact with patients with hepatitis E, separate meals, bowls and chopsticks must be separated and disinfected;Wash your hands frequently and follow the steps carefully.3. Active vaccination against HEPATITIS E is a direct, economic and effective means for the prevention of hepatitis E in the elderly, long-term diners, livestock farmers and other high-risk groups.Orange Persimmon interaction · City express reporter Jin Jing correspondent Wang Ruirjiang Chen statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com