Beijing Chaoyang Sunhe law enforcement team continues to promote the special law enforcement work of household garbage classification

2022-08-01 0 By

According to the sunhe comprehensive law enforcement team in Beijing’s Chaoyang District on March 16, the team arranged law enforcement forces to continue to promote the special law enforcement work of household waste classification.The law enforcement team formulated a weekly “law enforcement into the community” plan, arranged law enforcement officers to carry out law enforcement inspection during the peak period of household garbage delivery, and timely filled in the law enforcement inspection form.To ensure the timely completion of the full coverage of the residential district law enforcement inspection.At the same time, the law enforcement team on the inspection of problems or frequent reports of the problem community to increase the frequency of inspection, to refuse to listen to dissuasion or repeated education, administrative punishment.In addition, the publicity and mobilization efforts should be strengthened to improve the awareness of classification, and the publicity and guidance of community residents should be strengthened. By distributing household garbage classification leaflets and environmental protection garbage bags to residents, the present residents should be encouraged to do a good job in garbage classification by themselves, and at the same time, the people around them should be encouraged to form a good atmosphere for the participation of the whole people.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Li Tao editor/Dynasty