India has cracked the “cow dung” chip and is targeting the US market.

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If anything can cure all kinds of diseases, it must be the Representative of India who bears the top of the list. He will surely say: Old iron, a mouthful of cow dung disease, beauty, purification of the soul, cleansing evil, anti-virus and anti-radiation, in short, can cure all kinds of diseases of that kind!When it comes to India, as a neighbor of our country, it always gives people the impression that it is a strange thing, which is hard for anyone who knows anything about India to understand.In the daily life of Indians, there are often many “SAO operations” that normal people cannot understand.India has a strong religious atmosphere. Indian people believe in hundreds of deities like the stars in the sky. Indians worship the deities and love their horses.Like cows. How magical are cows in India?Some people lamented that the status of cows in India is quite high, cattle can walk in the streets of India, cow urine is a sacred product for daily care, cow dung is in thousands of households, can be described as the soul mate of The Indian people.Villagers in rural India even rub cow dung into shapes by hand and then smear it on their cars, boasting that it is extremely cool.As the saying goes: the whole body of a cow is a treasure, including cow dung, besides being used as fuel, it has also been developed in India for a series of uses to make various products, such as facial mask, toothpaste and soap.Indians are still developing uses for cow dung, and the Indian press proudly announces an “exciting” story.After Indian experts continue to study the direct application of cow dung to the “high-tech” field, cow dung chip is a great success!Claims that the chip can reduce radiation from mobile phones and protect the human immune system from disease.More than 500 cattle farms in India are producing and developing the chip, which is affordable at 50-100 rupees, or 4.5-9.1 yuan, to reach the market.I believe that many people think this is a “fake news”, after careful reading, it is indeed true, and the organization is run by the Indian authorities, similar to the “Cattle association”, specializing in promoting cattle related industries.The cow dung chip is said to be fully functional and is being considered for export to the US market.Some international netizens exclaim: Are you going to sell water to Americans?I think any Americans we see will have to run overnight.This widely popular “anti-intellectual” science in India is outrageous. What is more outrageous is that the Indian authorities try to combine religion and science to realize realization and gain more economic value, but this may be feasible in The Indian society, but it is impossible in the international community.(Essay/Teacher)