New trend: wild luxury customization, add personality and passion to life

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The “wild luxury wind” to the city customized new wave · Luxury house new aesthetics shackles in the city of heavy traffic for a long time, the middle class life circle has begun to shift from inside to outside.After the fire of wabi-sabi, a fusion of “wild fun” and “luxury” of the wild luxury began to be included in the life of high order customization.At the beginning, Chuangrong Mai mai was attracted by the name of this style and atmosphere, and with the understanding, it was deeply involved in them.Strong aura atmosphere, let “wild luxury wind” from the hotel custom fire all the way to the mansion custom, because of a variety of natural elements to join, “wild luxury wind” not only fully retain the bustling temperament of the city, but also have the interest of the natural wilderness.More high net worth people who are keen on urban luxury houses and individual residence begin to regard them as a symbol of higher life quality.Wild in nature, luxury in quality.When you need to understand the character of a space, the living room is a very good point of view.In the steady earth color system, the use of stone and gypsum line, full of visual sense and rich touch, light the theme of “luxury”, quality and simplicity coexist.The large blank space and shutters give the space a transparent and light visual experience.I believe that many friends and Chuangrong Mai Mai like this broad vision, the feeling of small mountains in a glance.Simple lines and full texture form a contrast, so that the space between simple and complex to maintain an absolute balance.Elegance and attention to detail.When you need a peaceful and composed space transition, the combination of rock and wood plays a key role.After the addition of wood color, the entry system has a more elegant and clean vision, suspension cabinet, invisible door, independent cloakroom these small details highlight, also improve the delicate sense of space again.Fresh wood in the light of the rendering volatile, orderly distribution of the storage area, simple and do not break temperament, bring tired people home soothing and gentle mood.Where styles meet, style comes first.Italian style wind has always been the pronoun of quality life, and not satisfied with a single style of high circle layer personage, prefer to join in Italian style a little wild luxury feeling as a relief, let the whole space more powerful aura.Similar to more decoration tips, all in chuangrong Mai mai.Wild texture, style upgrade.The whole rock combination is the most commonly used technique for wild luxury wind customization. In the selection of materials, the rock plate with full texture and rich color is often more expressive.In this kitchen space, from the cabinet veneer, the middle island to the floor, the luxurious texture of the rock slabs are all laid out, slowly releasing the natural wild interest, creating a subtle atmosphere of being in the wild.The parapet with its light lines is elegant.After joining the element of glass and metal carry bright, bedroom atmosphere shows warmth, quiet more.Independent cloakroom and bathroom system, through the stacking of aluminum wood, glass, rock board, will be delicate emotional appeal straight line full.Under the light, the full texture makes the space become full of energy.Long Island stage and the combination of the bar, so that cooking and dining interaction, close the intimacy of the family.Tide luxury collision, define self.To young generation character, the bedroom already is the space that a simple have a rest no longer, however the small world that shows individual character and self-cure cure.The owner who loves trend elements adds a large number of atmosphere lights in the bedroom, making the whole space cool and punk, with unruly declaration of self-attitude that is not defined.Dress up a space according to oneself be fond of.Work, games, reading and learning will be an unprecedented immersive experience.High quality life is simple and simple, this aesthetic style stems from the love of life, the pursuit of quality.Through high-quality products and services, with user experience as the core, Chuangrong Maimai constantly upgrades its business scope, continues to innovate, and contributes to high-quality life!