Tax enterprises gather together to escort taxpayers to “go Out”

2022-08-01 0 By

Beijing News Shell Financial News (reporter Pan Yichun) On April 8, the third Taxation Branch of Beijing Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation carried out interviews with tax enterprises based on the platform “Xirang”, which created a precedent in the national tax system.It is reported that during this interview, financial staff working in Thailand representative office of Baidu Singapore company and Hong Kong Company communicated with representatives of tax department in the virtual world of “meta-universe”.As countries along the “One Belt and One Road” and asean members, Singapore and Thailand have gradually deepened their cooperation in tax collection and administration with China.The representatives of the tax enterprise and the tax enterprise discussed a series of “going out” whole-process tax business such as investment information report, agreement treatment, overseas tax credit, tax dispute settlement, and communicated with each other on the tax issues concerned by “going out” enterprises and individuals.The event using the advanced technology, “yuan” the universe truly achieve the “regional without limit, interactive barrier-free, endless service”, the third is the revenue tax bureau actively embrace technology transformation opportunities, the service of “going out” the taxpayers’ initiatives, the future will further expand the work mentality, abundant service way, push to build “neighbourhood” all the way high quality development.Edited by Xu Chao and proofread by Liu Baoqing