The fifth day of shandong men’s basketball team assembled, with team reporters exposed high-speed group, Xu Changsuo suspense

2022-08-01 0 By

Beijing time on February 5th, annual fifth, according to the shandong men’s basketball team with reporters, shandong men’s basketball team will be in the annual fifth day of the night in the club’s stronghold, and the rest for the first time in the official start of the annual which the year of the tiger, and the team at this stage the wounded, the core JiaoHaiLong has returned from injury to take part in the third stage there is no problem,The comeback of this point greatly alleviated the team’s inside line four and five personnel rotation problem, will also let Tao Hanlin play not so tired, this is definitely a good news for Shandong men’s basketball.Shandong men’s basketball team of the season after the change, in fact, everyone has been long for new ShuaiXu lock, because Xu Changsuo seems to lack of first-team coach after long time experience, so in the face of the command and adjustment are lagging, after a lot of fans and media see the team problem need to adjust the suspension, Xu Changsuo hindsight after some time,Therefore, this is also the fans of Xu Changsuo’s most dissatisfied point, in addition to shandong men’s basketball team reached the semifinals last season, this season’s failure, the fans also constantly shouted the voice of Xu Changsuo’s dismissal.Will high-speed group really change its head?, it turns out, according to the shandong men’s basketball team and the team, according to latest news reporter Xia Xiaosi revealed that the team will plan the introduction of the third foreign aid, be prepared for the prepared, this also means that there has been a more clear direction and choice, as long as the team played poorly individual foreign aid, and is likely to be replaced at any time, may also be three foreign aid to fight in the team at the same time,This also means that shandong high-speed group dissatisfaction with the team’s results and status quo, want to increase investment in the introduction of foreign aid to improve the team’s ambition.But through the details will also be able to see that the group for the poor, did not put the blame on Xu Changsuo, not spread the message of change, but to upgrade the configuration of the foreign aid, enough to see that at the present stage high speed group think that the main reason for poor performance or team of foreign aid, is not the cause of the coaching staff.So the suspense about Xu Changsuo seems to be the answer has been revealed, at least at present, until the end of the season, Shandong men’s basketball team will not change the handsome.And shandong men’s basketball team’s goal is to the playoffs this season, the goal is now in shandong men’s basketball team ranking, very possibly to wipe the playoffs, the final ranking at about 9 to 11, because the team behind the games gap is big, so the shandong men’s basketball team to the playoffs this goal will not have the too big difficulty,But obviously this goal and last season led by Gong Xiaobin period has a thousand different, is unable to let the fans satisfied, so we look forward to shandong men’s basketball team can have a miracle in the playoffs, to surprise the fans.