The secrets behind the spectacular coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympics

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The Beijing Winter Olympics have come to a successful conclusion, with media from around the world providing comprehensive coverage of these incomparable events.It is said that the success of a grand event cannot be separated from the media’s wonderful reports, but what cannot be separated from the success of media reports?Actually without too much content, involving the group interviews, press conference arrangements, needs to accept the interview, epidemic prevention and control, media and other aspects, can say in detail, including all the efforts of everyone gathered together as a result, the wonderful, special, excellent Beijing Olympics appear in front of the world.There will be no objection if the main media Center is called the “temporary office” for the world’s media during the Winter Olympics.The “temporary office” will run for 50 days from its opening on January 4 to its removal after the Games on February 23.As of February 20, the main media Center has held 116 press conferences, attended by 7,210 people, and received 425 visitors, including Ioc President Thomas Bach, officials of various national Olympic Committees and athletes.On January 10, diners experience smart food delivery service at the media restaurant of the Main media Center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.In the main media center, the original ordinary restaurant, because of the smart restaurant “robot chef” has become the experience of journalists from all over the world, the report of the “Internet celebrity clock.”In addition, there are massage chairs and TV sets in the media rest room on the second floor of the basement, so that journalists can massage and relax after work, of course, they will not miss the wonderful games.”We see the Beijing Winter Olympics as a gift that we want to share with our guests around the world.”This is what Zhao Weidong, spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said at a press conference on the theme of “Winter Olympics, Sports and culture” held on Feb 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year.This is what the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing committee says and does.After the grand opening of the Winter Olympic Games, the Press and Publicity Department of boCOG and the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee jointly held 15 daily press conferences to inform the organization of the games, epidemic prevention and control, and release official information on the opening ceremony performance, sustainable development, the legacy of the Winter Olympics, broadcasting technology, care and services for athletes and other authorities.In addition, they will interpret and respond to the media’s concerns about the organization of the opening ceremony, epidemic prevention and control data and measures, the number of participants, hot sales of licensed products, and the innovation of video collection for the Winter Olympics.▷ When Byeongdun-dun accidentally fell on February 20, the players rushed to help.The figure skating performance of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held at the Capital Gymnasium on Thursday.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yuwei: Why wasn’t Ren Ziwei’s medal issued immediately?What is the meaning of the winning athletes’ design of “Jin Dun Dun”?Who was lucky enough to make it to two Olympics in one lifetime?…This series of interesting stories, are the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee of the press and publicity department of the initiative to set the agenda, through more than 20 media briefings shared with media reporters.This way of telling the big story of the Beijing Winter Olympics through small themes and small incisions is complementary with the press conference in terms of content, making the story of the Winter Olympics more down-to-earth.News coverage teams for the Winter Olympics are also indispensable friends for media journalists. They may rush to the front line of news coverage to provide news materials for media who are unable to attend.Or organize rich news conferences and thematic interview activities to create convenient conditions for journalists’ reporting work.On January 10, a staff member of the media center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is helping journalists to activate their credentials.Xinhua News Agency reporter He Changshan/The news coverage team entered the closed loop on January 4 and worked for 48 days until the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The scope of work covers three major competition areas of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, and the object covers two categories of registered and unregistered media.During this period, they provided information and news services to 7,388 sub-media organizations and 20,020 journalists through 55 interviews and applications.The content covers more than 40 topics, including epidemic prevention and control policies, interviews and filming of winter Olympics venues, information related to volunteers and athletes, green Hosting of the Olympics, artificial snow making, emblems, mascots and schedule adjustment.We organized agence France-Presse and Reuters to interview Zhao Weidong, spokesperson of BOCOG, BBC to interview Yang Yang, Xinhua News Agency to interview “Yidundun” and so on.In addition, the attention in the process of torch relay, compiled nearly 10000 words in the English version, the Beijing Olympic torch relay, the media’s handbook, covering the Beijing games torch relay in landscape interpretation, overall arrangement, the bright spot of point, media services, registration/epidemic prevention arrangement five parts, in the torch relay started a week ago, push to domestic and overseas media,Facilitate the media to fully understand the Torch relay work of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.At present, the Beijing Winter Olympics has provided a satisfactory answer on how to do a good job of reporting while ensuring safety.At the main entrance of the venue and the entrance of the restaurant, the temperature of everyone entering the venue is monitored by a non-inductive large-flux temperature measuring device. The announcement of “Your temperature is normal” sounds particularly reassuring.Nucleic acid testing points set up in the hotel, the main media center and the venue also ensure that people in the closed loop can take nucleic acid testing once a day easily and quickly.Not only people are safe, but also foreign materials are safe.Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS) and its rights holders will have 250 shipping containers of broadcast equipment and facility materials from overseas tested and sterilized before they can enter the stadium for construction and installation.▽ A picture of disinfection equipment taken at the main media center on January 10.In addition, the Main Media Center is one of the earliest venues to carry out aerosol detection. Since October last year, the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test of aerosol has been carried out daily in the closed loop area of the venue, which has accumulated experience for the promotion and application of the test in other venues.The 557 volunteers at the Main Media Center, whose average age is just under 22, not only help journalists from around the world, but also make them feel the warmth of their hosts with their heartwarming smiles.They serve 1,400 print journalists and 4,000 broadcasters every day.On January 31, ricardo Carvalho (left) and Wang Wenfei (right), a volunteer at the Beijing Story Exhibition hall on the second floor of the Main media Center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, show their writing of the Chinese character fu.Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ziheng taken Beijing Olympics coincide with the Spring Festival, the main media center to carry out the “product” auspicious flexibly, paper “ink” tian fu, xi “tree” on the tip and the “soil” is strong, brave “spell” beat New Year theme garden activities, the volunteers involved, together with members of the press to introduce new traditional Chinese culture to foreign journalists.In the Lantern Festival themed lantern riddles activity held in the media restaurant of the venue, volunteers arranged interesting lantern riddles area carefully to enjoy the Lantern Festival with Chinese and foreign media reporters.In the Closed Loop, outside the closed Loop Due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the journalists who came to China for this interview had no opportunity to go out of the closed loop to experience the local conditions and customs of China up close.But news team organization 15 games host country and host city tour series online interview live events, theme activities including the culture of the host city center, science and technology innovation achievements, old duck food culture, the protection of animals, “I see the Palace Museum of cultural relics” and so on, the scope of activities including Beijing, Shanghai, sichuan, hebei, guangdong and other five provinces and cities in China,A total of 854 people from 434 sub-media participated.In addition, the news reporting team also organized 5 Great Wall sightseeing activities, 62 times 200 people participated.Pietro Rolandi, a journalist from Getty Images who visited the Great Wall, said it was his first time in Beijing and his first visit to the wall.”China is a big country and I feel good in Beijing these days.There are so many places to visit in China besides Beijing, and life is wonderful, which I will share with my family and friends.””Ms. Rolandi said.Source: Xinhua