Yangpu District Housing Authority held a special meeting to promote the development of affordable rental housing construction financing and supply work

2022-08-01 0 By

In order to ensure the completion of the “14th five-year” period affordable rental housing financing, supply task objectives, recently, Yangpu District Housing Administration (district affordable rental housing work leading group office) according to the different situation of the project held a special meeting on affordable rental housing project promotion and policy publicity.Is a district housing authority in the city, belongs to enterprise group’s new affordable housing project on the basis of the field in possession of, ask for the municipal, district enterprise group the problems encountered in the process of development and construction, and carry on the summary and analysis, at the same time please area planning resource bureau and other units for saic, bailian, light, defend the symplectic companies such as analyzing the problems in the process of development and construction, research,Put forward a feasible operation plan to ensure the construction of new government-subsidized rental housing starts within this year.The second is to strengthen communication and contact with relevant functional departments such as planning, construction management and fire control in the design process of state-owned stock non-residential housing conversion scheme of city-owned Guangming, Bailian and other enterprises, guide and intervene in the design scheme in advance, and further improve the speed of non-residential conversion and renovation.Three district housing authority is active docking tax departments, with socialized rental housing enterprises need nanotubes, publicity of affordable rental housing tax policy, and puts forward the relevant problems of reply on enterprises and explanation, make the enterprise to the further understanding of the nanotubes after tax preferential policies to promote social rental housing enterprise voluntary nanotubes.Zhao Yueyi, deputy director of the district Housing Authority, asked different enterprises involved in the development and construction of the same area to plan, design and construct at the same time.District housing management, planning, construction management, fire control, transportation and other departments should work together to coordinate and promote the scheme design and construction.District party secretary of room canal bureau, bureau chief comrade Dai Hong requirements, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal housing agency, around the target task, strengthen the communication and contact with enterprise, calm to serve enterprises, earnestly solve encountered in the process of enterprise in affordable rental housing construction of practical problems, according to “morning, fast do, do, payable to recognize as” working train of thought,More efforts, more channels, more concrete measures to strengthen the construction of affordable rental housing financing and supply work, effectively alleviate the housing difficulties of new citizens, young people and all kinds of talents, for yangpu to build “near and far” people’s urban construction demonstration area to make positive contributions.