The Chinese women’s football team, which beat Japan in a penalty shootout to reach the final, urged fans to watch the women’s football team for free in the final

2022-08-02 0 By

The women’s soccer team beat Japan in a penalty shootout to reach the final after a 1-1 draw in the regular season.China trailed twice, equalized twice, and finally defeated Japan in penalty shoot-out!Riko Ueki scored in the 25th minute of the first half and Wu Chengshu equalized in the 46th minute. Then neither team could score again and the match went into extra time at 1-1 in the 90th minute.102 minutes of extra time, Japan again Ueki Riko, China in the end of the game, by Wang Shanshan equalized the score!Wang Shanshan goal has been to the 118 minutes of extra time, the game is about to end, really do not abandon, do not give up there is hope!In the shootout, Chinese goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved twice. Zhang Xin also missed a penalty, but Wang Shanshan was the last one to score the penalty to ensure victory for China.This field fully embodies the old women’s soccer sonorous rose spirit, indomitable struggle, perseverance, never give up finally win!Only 32% of the women’s possession, the Japanese women’s possession rate is 68%, only seven of the women’s shot, the Japanese women’s shot 20 times, look at these two sets of Numbers you know how much the women’s passivity, how tough, king of the Chinese women’s frost also unable to play because of injury, or behind twice, finally also can defeat, this only amazing women’s too cow force!Look at the men’s football team, you lost 1:3 against Vietnam. The fans’ Spring Festival was ruined by you. The victory of the women’s football team brought some comfort to the fans’ Spring Festival!The women’s soccer girls are amazing!Men’s football smelly dung broadcast free to see, women’s football unexpectedly charge, if you do not charge this women’s football can circle countless powder?The leaders want to promote women’s football more, let more people see your game!It is strongly suggested that fans watch The Chinese women’s football team for free in the final!