Iqiyi surprise goods coming, Ren Jialun please in the column, and Angelababy from longxi wind

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Iqiyi surprise Spring Festival goods are coming, Ren Jialun, please you in the list, and Angelababy Sun Yi’s wind up in the west of Gansu IQiyi surprise Spring Festival goods are coming, now has announced the list of nine TV dramas, is the focus of 2022 single!Check out some of your favorites!First of all, the first TV series is Li Yifeng’s Night Walker.Although Li Yifeng shot more idol dramas, but in the past few years, there have been several spy dramas or other types of TV dramas. Night Walker is a mystery drama related to drug fighting, with actors not only Song Yi, but also Fung Derun and others, it seems that this drama is quite hardcore.This time Li Yifeng and Song Yi cooperation, very rare lineup, the audience’s sense of expectation and improved a lot.On the other hand, there’s a TV series coming up that has a pretty big cast.This TV play is the Wind qi Longxi, part of the audience will compare this TV play with the wind Qi Luoyang.But relatively speaking, the cast of this drama is absolutely no less than The Wind in Luoyang.The cast includes Chen Kun, Bai Yu, Angelababy and Sun Yi, among others, as well as some veteran actors.Not only the cast of the drama to power, still do is quite good, very texture.Ren Jialun and Li Qin’s invitation is also in the focus of the 2022 iQiyi single.This TV series is also very small make up look forward to!The first point is looking forward to the modeling of the two of them. Ren Jialun’s big back head modeling is really quite handsome, super A.And this TV series is male strong female strong, there is quite handsome side, but also very sweet side, at the same time, is a combination of the Republic of China and the fairy xia theme of the TV series, so there should still be some surprises.Wei Daxun is taking his new play, this time cooperation Li is patted, etc. “If life is like first sight”.Life should be arranged as it is, after all, in the single for a long time.The face of Wei Dahun often appears in the variety show, but his acting is also very wonderful, if you have seen his play, you will know his “sincere heart”.Another ancient costume fairy drama is Song of the Moon by Zhang Binbin and Xu Lu.I have seen the sweet interaction between the two of them earlier, and I feel the CP feeling is quite strong.Zhang Binbin is handsome in white and has a charming smile.Xu Lu is sweet sa alternate with, a red dress super domagic, looking forward to her play in the TV series.In addition to the several TV dramas mentioned above, Yang Yang and Li Yitong’s special battle glory.There are also children’s rhymes Feng Shaofeng’s Heart, deng Lunni’s night Traveler is also in the single.Deng Lun’s new play modeling is quite handsome, night travelers is also a rare contact subject matter, I believe he can also play well, live up to the expectations of iQiyi nine major dramas, we look forward to which one?See you in the comments section!