Mysterious Sewol ferry sinking: 304 people sacrificed?What is the truth?

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Have you ever heard of the terrible “human sacrifice” in Kingdom H?Why was the ferry Sewol, which sank in 2014, known as the “human sacrifice” among the people?Where does this statement come from?What are the hidden secrets behind the sinking of the Sewol Ferry?On the morning of April 16, 2014, the Sewol ferry, carrying 443 passengers and 33 crew members, set sail from the port of Incheon in the northern part of H, bound for Jeju island in the south.However, when the liner sailed to the southwest sea, accident happened.The sewol rolled over. About an hour later, as water flooded into the ship, an announcement sounded telling passengers to stay where they were and not to move around until help arrived.At that time, the Dura Ace, which was passing through the waterway, received a message from the Ship control center, saying that the Sewol ferry had overturned 2.1 nautical miles ahead of it and was sinking. It asked for assistance in rescue.After the captain learned this news, did not hesitate to rush to the designated location, only to find that there was nothing on the sea, here the captain sounded, they just passed a turning passenger ship, that, perhaps is the Sewol.In an incomprehensible move, the crew turned around and headed in that direction, only to find the Sewol, which was leaning over 50 degrees.But with so many containers floating on the surface, the Dura Superior could not get close enough, and the captain had to radio the Sewol to organize the evacuation of passengers.The Dura Master could have picked people up if only they had put on life jackets and jumped into the sea, but the next scene left the dura Master’s captain wondering what happened.The Coast guard “rushed to the scene” within 20 minutes of the ferry turning over, after a fire rescue helicopter arrived first but only managed to pick up a few passengers on deck.After that, the Coast guard only rescued the captain and several crew members of the Sewol ferry, but they did not say anything about the passengers or even tell them to evacuate.Among the 400 passengers on the Sewol ferry, 325 were high school students and 14 teachers.They also saw through the window to rescue helicopters and rescue boats, who had expected, risk is approaching step by step, around 9 a.m., around the world, the number, in addition to the coast guard ship, there are many spontaneous rescue ships, but the coastguard don’t know why, citing “shall interfere rescue”, the ban on civilian near the number.It wasn’t until 10:06 a.m., when the ship tilted over 80 degrees and water poured into the cabin, that the passengers realized they were going to die.So everyone began to escape, the nearby civilian ships also regardless of the coast police warning, began to rescue, but they eventually missed the best rescue time, finally only out of some “disobedient”, their own escape passengers.More than 10 minutes later, the ship sank, killing 296 people and injuring 142. Nine others are still missing.One year after the incident, people in Country H are still indignant about it, and there are even rumors that it was a premeditated “human flesh sacrifice”. What about this?Do not save their own, but also to prevent others from saving, this is what the operation of the mystery?In fact, the weather conditions on April 16 were not suitable for sailing, as the night before, the sea was foggy and visibility was less than 1,000 meters, when the air traffic control center issued a navigation restriction notice.Three hours later, the ship was canceled, but the sewol went out as usual, with 300 high school students on board.Because their voyage was delayed, they took the Sewol instead, who did not expect that the graduation trip, the liner will take them to the waters of death.However, after the sinking of the ferry, the coast Guard, deep-sea rescue teams, divers and other rescue forces arrived, but they did nothing but watch the sewol sinking. Later, there was a rumor that the sinking was a “human sacrifice.”From the official inaction to the mysterious disappearance of the then president of H, one thing after another puzzled everyone.Later, a survivor of the Sewol ferry disaster said that the helicopters and coast guard vessels he saw on that day were not prepared to rescue people.What’s even weirder is that it normally takes three to four hours for a ship like the Sewol to sink completely, but it took less than two hours before the ship was completely submerged.Survivors said the cabin was like hell, and he felt it was more like a massacre than an accident.Is the sinking of the Sewol really a premeditated accident?What do you think differently about that?