Chongqing woman cheated out of 3 million yuan online

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“Police comrade, I was cheated 3 million!”On March 19, Zhang Wen (pseudonym), a resident of Nanan District, Chongqing, rushed to the nanan District Tea Garden police station to report to the police.It turned out that Zhang wen met his “favorite” through a dating website, and after a period of acquaintance, their relationship quickly warmed up and they started talking about online love.Soon after their relationship, zhang’s “boyfriend” taught her the “secrets” of financial management.Zhang downloaded an “auction” APP via a link sent by her boyfriend.The APP can auction goods. After successful bidding, the goods will be stored in the APP and then resold through the APP to earn high profits.Since it was recommended by her “boyfriend”, Zhang wen took the mentality of trying, and invested 200,000 yuan to purchase and sell goods in the APP.Unexpectedly, in one day, she made a profit of 50,000 yuan.Seeing easy money, Zhang continued to invest.From March 14 to 19, Zhang bid for goods on the platform several times, investing 100,000 to 400,000 yuan each time, and the total investment reached 3 million yuan.When Zhang opened the APP on March 19, she found that the system had crashed and she could not log in to her account. She called her “boyfriend” but he was vague and unable to explain. Zhang realized she had been cheated.After receiving the alarm, the police immediately carried out an investigation and found that the money was transferred to 18 bank cards and then quickly dispersed to hundreds of bank accounts.After grasping relevant clues, the south shore police set up a task force, gradually locked the “run points” money-laundering gang headed by Yang mou.After the investigation, police officers driving 100 miles, on March 23 in Xiushan County will suspect Yang, Hong, Xiao and other 6 people all captured.After interrogation, the police found that the gang division of labor is clear, tightly organized.Among them, Yang is responsible for money laundering with foreign forces contact “business”, talk about good commission return point;Hong is responsible for driving out for mobile money laundering, to avoid detection;Xiao is in the motor vehicle through online channels will be fraud of money shunt wash, to assist overseas fraud personnel transfer stolen money.At present, Yang mou and other 6 suspects were taken criminal compulsory measures by the police, the case is being further investigated.Police remind: online investment and financial fraud, often throw similar “steady profit” “high return” such bait, coining high return will only fall into the trap.Please keep in mind the following points: 1, online love object recommended investment financing platform, is certainly fraud;2, some browser login will have anti-fraud reminder, fraudsters will require the victim to download a specified browser, encountered with this characteristic of investment and financial websites must be vigilant;3. Fake investment and finance apps cannot be listed on the APP market, and can only be downloaded by clicking links or scanning codes. Investment and finance apps with such characteristics are fraud.4, do not trust high returns of network investment financial management, there is no way to make a steady loss of investment, remember that the sky will not fall pie.Upstream news reporter Song Jian