Special 8888 yuan package on the road!Harvard H6 limited time off 7000

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In terms of comfort, Harvard H6 is equipped with panoramic sunroof, electrically adjusted seats, partially-controlled automatic air conditioning, and AQS air management system.This is also thanks to Mobi Leye EyeQ4, an autonomous driving chip in the third-generation Harvard H6.At this time, the computer of Hafu H6 will automatically record the track of the vehicle, and when needed, it will intuitively display the relative track of the vehicle and the obstacles around it, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.Shift paddles can be operated in EITHER D or M mode, and better power performance can be achieved by manually downshifting continuously uphill.Moreover, in configuration and quality, Haval H6 also has commendable performance, generally in the middle level.In terms of driving assistance, the third generation Hafu H6 also has a significant improvement, the whole system standard with front and back reversing radar, 360-degree panoramic image, cruise control, automatic parking, uphill assistance and steep downhill, so that drivers can better control the vehicle.