3 noble trees in China, each one is priceless, 1 with guards, 1 insured for 100 million

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When it comes to flowers and plants, for most people, they are used for appreciation. Even precious flowers are relatively valuable, but in China, there are three noble trees that can be called sky-high prices, which are not too valuable to describe.To these 3 trees, its value already cannot measure with money, to maintain these 3 noble trees, some have to have guard, some protect 100 million, can say day price.Let’s take a look at which trees are worth so much.Mount Wuyi — Da Hong Pao mother tree On China’s ancient Silk Road, the important commercial items in addition to silk, porcelain is very famous in the West, there is China’s tea, known as the mysterious Oriental leaves.West Lake Longjing, Jiangsu Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Hunan Junshan Silver Needle, Xinyang Maojian, Qimen Black Tea, Anhui Guapian, Duyun Maojian, Wuyi Rock tea and Fujian Tieguanyin are the top ten famous teas in China.First of all, this noble tree is also related to tea, which is one of the ten famous tea, a kind of Wuyi rock tea, dahongpao of Wuyi Mountain.The mother tree of Da Hong Pao is called The Tea King, and there are only three or six of them, with a history of 350 years. It can be called the treasure of the world.Scarcity is precious, and it is precisely because of the scarcity of da Hong Pao mother trees that their tea, once picked each year, is at a premium.Da Hong Pao mother trees have been used as special tea during their centuries-old existence, so today, da Hong Pao can only be harvested through auction, and there is no da Hong pao on the market.The da Hong Pao tea that we can buy in the market today is actually da Hong Pao tea grown by scientific researchers.The quality and color of the tea produced by the da Hong Pao tea plants are naturally inferior to that of the da Hong Pao mother trees, so the tea produced by the mother trees is still popular.Before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the local government even sent soldiers to protect mother trees. In 2003, the local government invested 100 million yuan in product insurance to protect mother trees.If you want to know the concept of 100 million yuan in 2003, the mother tree of Da Hong Pao is not priceless, but priceless.9. Gold nanmu king, a rare wood unique to China, is the first of the four famous trees of Nan, camphor, catalpa and gymnao.Since ancient times, gold nanmu has been sought after by the world, most of the royal utensils are made of gold nanmu, so the gold nanmu has been regarded as a symbol of dignity.In addition, the growth conditions of nanmu are extremely harsh, only living in yunnan-Guichuan area, and most of them are deep mountains and old forests, the growth conditions are complex.But even so, still can not stop the world of gold nanmu enthusiasm, quite a long period of time, the number of gold nanmu declined significantly, so the price of gold nanmu is also rising all the way.But even if the price is high, it is also hard to find a wood, for the number, mostly to see the growth of the number of years, more than one hundred years of gold nanmu, a ten tens of thousands, even so, but also countless people scramble for.The most precious nanmu in existence is a thousand-year old nanmu in Tongren city, Guizhou province, which has a history of 1,400 years.This tree is as high as 50 years, more than ten people surrounded, for this gold nanmu, can be said to be extremely valuable.The golden nanmu with a tree age of 300 years can cost hundreds of thousands of yuan, and there is only one nanmu with a tree age of 1,000 years in China and even the world.It can be said that a leaf of this golden nanmu is also expensive. It has been recorded that the branch of this thousand-year-old golden nanmu was auctioned for as much as 400,000 yuan.As for the whole tree, perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars is hard to estimate.For gold nanmu, its symbolic significance, already exceeded its practical use significance.For some rich businessmen, dignitaries, gold nanmu for them is more of a status symbol, the embodiment of identity.For huangshan guest pine, the degree of familiarity with it can probably be used to describe it, whether it is to huangshan, or not to the huangshan guest pine must be slightly heard.Huangshan welcoming pine is not the symbol of Huangshan scenic area, but the symbol of Anhui, and even said that it can go abroad, on behalf of China.The image of huangshan welcoming visitors has already appeared in the Great Hall of the People to show Chinese hospitality.The history of welcoming visitors to Huangshan pine has been as long as 800 years, in fact, in terms of its own value, it is very common.However, huangshan welcoming pine has profound cultural significance, is a cultural symbol, every year to travel to Huangshan, a considerable part of the people are to watch the welcoming pine.At the same time, Huangshan Welcoming pine is now the only existing in China with the number of pine keepers, the only one in the country, for each branch of welcoming pine, each pine needle should be carefully taken care of.In fact, for Huangshan guest welcoming pine, its actual use value is completely unable to compare with dahongpao mother tree and golden nanmu, but it embodies the most profound cultural spirit.At the same time, Huangshan guest-welcoming pine is only one of the ten huangshan pines, of course, the reputation of huangshan guest-welcoming pine is indeed far beyond other pines, ranked first.The same more or its indomitable, standing mountain spirit is inspired by people, pursued by people.Therefore, the value of Huangshan welcoming pine can not be measured by money, it is more the carrying and inheritance of cultural connotation, the educational significance of the world is also more important.Even some of the current famous paintings, embroidery, murals and other welcome pines are often seen, which shows people’s love for them.Whether a thing is successful or not depends on the acceptance of the world.Huangshan guest welcoming pine is sought after by the world, its value has been higher than dahongpao mother tree and nanmu gold, spiritual sustenance, is money can not measure.In fact, for these three precious trees, we will find that, in addition to huangshan welcoming pine, the other two are blindly sought after by the world.Although China’s tea culture has a long history, it is regrettable that the tea culture, once proud of, has become something to compare with due to excessive hype.The quality of gold nanmu is indeed natural, which is unmatched by most of the wood, but this is not the reason for people to blindly pursue it. Blindly pursue and hype, the final result is that the gold nanmu is increasingly scarce, and finally it is hard to find a wood, seemingly precious, but in fact, the world’s fame and wealth.Huangshan welcoming pine priceless and precious, more is its cultural symbol of priceless.The pride of its standing on the mountain, the glory of the rising sun, awe-inspiring attitude, is what the world needs.