【 Big service river pool traffic police in action 】 serving the masses of events no small matter

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★ Hechi Traffic Police focus on the urgent and anxious problems of the people, deepen the implementation of the traffic management measures of “delegating control and providing services”, and launch a series of new measures to serve six new rivers, serve people’s expectations, serve rural revitalization, serve epidemic prevention and control.To serve the masses safely and smoothly, and to serve the overall situation of high-quality economic and social development.In order to strengthen the source of traffic safety management, eliminate road safety risks, hechi City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment of the second brigade police carefully comb the area of the annual inspection, overdue did not scrap the vehicle, phone owners for inspection, scrap business, and combined with the actual situation,In view of the remote rural road, the vehicle damage is difficult to move, individual drivers inconvenient and other special circumstances, arrange the police through the village to enter the household, see the car to see the way, “car driving management” business to the door, by the masses praise.Since January, the police has dealt with 142 cases of vehicle cancellation business for the masses.Police in the field for drivers to handle vehicle cancellation business.The new motorcycle can’t registration Traffic police to help the driver rights on February 7, luo flow to yao nationality autonomous county public security bureau traffic police brigade for its new purchase ordinary two wheel motorcycle registration, police in the vehicle inspection found when the vehicle frame number was simply with metal welding on the body, tamper with the vehicle frame number.Luo said that the car was bought in a car shop by exchanging old cars for new ones when he was working in Guangdong. He did not know why the car frame number was tampered with.Immediately, the police to luo issued a business to inform the withdrawal sheet, and guide Luo through the market supervision department to make compensation appeals.After traffic police, market supervision departments, manufacturers, luo mou finally got a new car, suspected of tampering with the frame number of the motorcycle recovered by the industrial and commercial departments.Police successfully for Luo to recover 3000 yuan of economic losses, Luo excitedly repeatedly expressed gratitude to the police.In order to effectively deal with the peak of vehicle driving management business and better serve the masses, bama Yao Autonomous County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade vehicle management bureau actively carry out delay service, focus on creating law enforcement service window to make the masses satisfied.During the Spring Festival transportation period, the DMV business hall for the business of the masses of a sudden increase, the staff adhere to the “do not complete the last business, resolutely not off work” concept, all the implementation of delay service, for the masses to handle motor vehicle registration, driving license examination, replacement, vehicle inspection and other businesses.Since the launch of the “delay service”, the daily business for the masses of more than 300, won the praise of the masses.On February 15, luocheng traffic police were on duty in the city’s central square when they saw an old man struggling to carry a bag of white goods, stumbling and almost falling down. The police quickly stepped forward to help the old man, took the heavy load from the old man’s hands, and took him to the roadside for a rest.After learning, the old man wanted to cross the road to the other side of the square.At that time was noon off work peak, the traffic flow is large, in order to let the elderly safe passage, the police immediately picked up the goods one hand to help the elderly through the crosswalk, until the safety of the bus.Before leaving, the old man thanked the police for their help.