Gansu Province general college enrollment training culture examination began on April 16, relevant epidemic prevention and control tips issued

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The 2022 sports training, Martial arts and traditional Ethnic sports culture examinations for college enrollment will be held from April 16 to 17.In order to strictly implement the requirements of the group examination and epidemic prevention work, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and examination organization, the provincial Education examination Institute issued relevant tips.The exam subjects are Chinese, mathematics, politics and English. The full score of each paper is 150 points, and the total score is 600 points.According to the needs of COVID-19 prevention and control situation, in order to reduce the gathering and flow of examinees, reduce the risk of group examination, and ensure that examinees “should take the examination”, according to the distribution of examinees, the test centers are located in the city (state) of each city (state), and examinees should take the examination in the city (state) where they registered.Provincial education examination institute special remind, test before 17 days (since March 30, the same below), candidates in principle shall not leave Gansu Province, if and special examination time conflict, should be registered to the city (state) education examination admissions agencies for the record.3 days before the test (April 13 to 15, the same below), candidates are required to take nucleic acid tests twice (24 hours apart) in the city (state) where the test is registered.From 17 days before the test, candidates should avoid medium – and high-risk areas and crowded public places, and pay close attention to the status of “health code” and “travel card”.From 17 days before the exam, candidates must log in the wechat mini program of “Gansu Education Exam Yicaotong” every day to clock in health.If the health code is green every day from 17 days before the test, it will be deemed as “passed”. If it is not, it will be deemed as “failed”.Candidates who punch in and pass the test must present the admission ticket of sports and art major for admission to colleges and universities in Gansu Province in 2022, their ID cards, and the admission ticket of sports Training, Martial Arts and ethnic traditional Sports Culture in 2022, as well as two negative nucleic acid tests within 3 days before the test.Candidates who fail to pass the enrollment card must present the Letter of Commitment and physical health monitoring form for the 2022 Sports Training, Martial Arts and Traditional Ethnic Sports Major Cultural Course Examination of Gansu Ordinary Colleges and universities, the admission ticket and ID card for the 2022 Sports and art major enrollment of Gansu Ordinary colleges and universities.The admission ticket of the 2022 Sports Training, Martial Arts and ethnic traditional sports culture test and the negative nucleic acid test twice within 3 days before the test shall be submitted to the test according to relevant requirements.Source: Gansu Daily