Legal knowledge lectures for female employees were held in li City streets

2022-08-05 0 By

Recently, li City street women’s Federation, street federation of trade unions specially invited jiangsu Changming law firm lawyers in Liyang City party building hall to carry out the female workers to promote the law lecture, nearly 50 female workers took part in the activity.This lecture focuses on the legal knowledge about marriage disputes, property division, domestic violence and so on.From women’s family problems to workplace rights protection, female employees will be guided and educated to use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and the problems raised by female employees on site will be explained in a targeted way.This lecture aims to guide female compatriots to advocate the rule of law, expand female legal knowledge, improve female legal literacy and rights protection ability, and help women protect their legitimate rights and interests in the future life according to law.At the end of the activity, Shi Shuyu, member of the organization committee of the Party Working Committee and chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, li City Street, presented law books to the female representatives, hoping that they could improve their legal level through learning.Shen Juan (source: Liyang Municipal People’s Government website) read hidden sidebar