142 square meters textbook apartment, you are worth collecting!

2022-08-06 0 By

Today appreciate a 142 square meters house, this house can be said to represent a direction of the good house, if you want to choose a house within this area, then this picture is obviously a very ideal reference answer.Let’s look at the overall design first.It is to design 4 bedrooms above all, completely bright design, and north and south connect fully.Whole door model square square is positive, reflected the pattern of honor, the effect of meal guest integration can make the dining room, dining-room cooking atmosphere be connected through, and the double balcony that joins north and south directly, enlarged the space of life.The living room is also very luxurious, about 4.8m large scale horizontal hall design is an important card to show identity, but also an important place for family and friends to gather at home.The design of giant act double balcony lets the atmosphere of the life direct vertex, on one hand can receive the triviality of the life, on the other hand also can plant bamboo and wood of a few flowers and plants, form the feeling that sky garden looks already.Southward 7.8m double giant screen balcony, overlooking the world, is really very rich.There are four bays to the south, with the master bedroom, living room and two secondary bedrooms all facing south, allowing you to enjoy sunny life all day long.Such door model made the model like the textbook inside 142 square meters, you are worth collecting.